Eco-friendly commuting – Building the city of tomorrow

It comes as no surprise to anyone who has lived in a big city that we all have to contribute when it comes to making sure that both our cities and our planet remain liveable for the foreseeable future.

The level of air pollution from commuting in some of the world’s largest cities is simply mind-boggling. Some suburbs of New Delhi in India, for instance, have levels of air pollution that are three times higher than those that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency views as ideal. The levels of particulate matter in cities such as Delhi are so high that they pose an extreme threat to the health of the city’s inhabitants. However, particulate matter aside, we simply have to find ways of reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, which are causing a runaway greenhouse effect – and increasing global warming.

eco-friendly commuting

One of the ways that we can all contribute to making cities more livable and protecting the planet is to find alternatives to the use of transportation options that rely on the use of fossil fuels. This is especially true during our daily commutes – when roads and highways tend to be under the most strain.

Finding eco-friendly options as far as commuting is not difficult – it merely takes a change in mindset to take full advantage of these different modes of transport. Some do not even require those that much physical effort. Others will reward the expenditure of calories with a far more pleasant and relaxing commuter experience. let’s take a look at some of the options that are available.

Commuting by bike

Firstly there is the humble (or today not so humble) bicycle. New technology, materials and manufacturing methods have resulted in the wide availability of bikes that have been specifically designed for city use. they are light, fast – and in many cases foldable so that they can be used in conjunction with public transport. They are ideal for that ‘last mile’ to work.

For those who want a less labor-intensive bicycle experience, the wide availability of ‘e-bikes’ makes the commute even easier and these electric bikes are far less polluting than other fossil fuel powered options. Scooters are also a great option. They are portable, wallet-friendly and fun – and provide some much-needed exercise in an ever more time-constrained world.


Then there is the skateboard. A skateboarding how to guide will quickly reveal just how versatile skateboards are – and how they can totally transform the commuter experience (a great guide is available from Slick Willie’s – the well known UK skate outlet). There are numerous models of skateboard available, many ideal for commuting. There is off course the option of the electrically powered skateboard. These are great fun, cost very little to operate and can take the stress out of that daily commute.

Being eco-friendly requires very little effort – and we can all start with changing our commuter habits. Eco-friendly commuting is not only better for the planet – it’s better for the individual. It allows you to take a moment to connect with your city on a more personal level. That is definitely a good thing.