Tips on the best ways to use Bitcoin

One of the hardest things to do in terms of cryptocurrencies is to convince people that it is worth their time to start using it.

This is because most people believe that there are no real applications for cryptocurrencies in the world and the cryptos, including Bitcoin, are mainly just a financial asset that is to be used for investment.


Eve crypto investors who have been in the industry for a long time, it may sometimes be hard to find reliable places to invest, trade or otherwise spend their cryptos. Despite the apparent lack of them used, the final goal of the cryptocurrency industry is to replace all kinds of modern currency and become the main source of transactions. This way, the industry hopes to take away the power from the institutions and give it to each and every individual in possession of cryptos.

Thankfully, there are several companies that are creating ways to easily by, sell, spend, earn and otherwise utilize cryptos in everyday life. So, here are some of the few ways you can do it as well.

Online purchases

One trend that has been taking place in the world has been the wide adoption of cryptocurrency payment systems by eCommerce websites around the world. More and more companies are seeing Bitcoin as a valid payment system. These include Overstock, TigerDirect, Microsoft and Newegg, all companies that have become leaders in the industry for accepting the Bitcoin transactions as payment. Some of the first to do so, they are serving as an example that cryptocurrency payments are a reliable payment system for eCommerce in general. If you want to help promote cryptos to the world, you should try using their services yourself.

There are also some startups around the world that are offering bitcoin and cryptos as the sole payment system that they accept. One of the most popular is OpenBazaar, which is a peer to peer marketplace system that allows clients to purchase anything for Bitcoin, including local food, beverages, art and digital products. The company uses escrow in order to keep the payment systems safe and secure and to avoid unethical vendors.

Online casinos

Another one of the most interesting and recent additions to the Bitcoin spending portfolio are a number of online casinos. These are offering users a chance to deposit their cryptos into their accounts so that they can either purchase in casino credit or simply bet the cryptos on their own throughout the games. Some casinos are now even offering bonus offers for using Bitcoin in order to pay for their services. The casinos have even started working on developing some additional games, all of which can be played exclusively with Bitcoin, by betting bitcoin on every time you spin, bet or take a card. These are some of the most cutting edge games in terms of technology and all of them are very interesting, especially if you are a fan of bitcoin yourself. Some of the best casino promotions even offer Bitcoin as a reward!

Gift cards

There are now a whole lot of companies that allow you to exchange bitcoin for gift cards for many different retail companies. Almost any gift card from any company can be purchased with the help of these companies, so that you can technically purchase anything you want with the use of Bitcoin, as long as you go through these gift card companies. The Gyft mobile app, eGifter, and a number of others offer a way to purchase a gift card and then convert the gift card back into Bitcoin if you don’t spend it all.

So if you go to Starbucks and want some coffee, even though you have no cash and no cards, all you have to do is grab your phone, buy some gift cards and bam, you got your coffee.

Debit cards

All it took was for Bitcoin to become popular for companies to come out offering debit card services that would allow the depositing of Bitcoin to the account of the cardholder. These companies came out of nowhere and now are offering their clients a chance to use their bitcoin assets anywhere, as long as the coins are deposited into their accounts and connected to their cards. BitPay and Cash App have both started offering this service. BitPay has partnered with Visa, which has resulted in a debit card that is supported by the bank, one that can be managed with the help of the BitPay app. Wirex is now offering a similar service, with a 0.5% cashback for in-store purchases, in Bitcoin.

Cash App, on the other hand, offers a little more than just the depositing service. It allows users to send Bitcoin to friends, provides discounts for merchants, and allows the sale and purchase of Bitcoin in the app.