What discounts and savings do you get in the army?

There are many different discounts and savings you can get from serving in the army, with the UK’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) now having an official discount service for those who are in, or have previously served in, the UK’s Armed Forces.

This official army discount service is called the Defence Discount Service, and provides members discounts both throughout the high street and online.


What is the Defence Discount Service?

As previously mentioned a Defence Discount Service is the country’s Ministry of Defence’s official discount service for those in the Armed Forces. It can be used in various different stores for an array of different services, including retail shops, restaurants and eateries, and even some types of venues.

This service was established in December of 2012, and is available to sign up for via its online website. The service is free to register with, and provides the UK’s defence community with discounts on a vast array if different things as a result of for their service to the country.

For those wanting to obtain discounts from the high street, the Defence Discount Service also offers a Defence Privilege Card. This card is the “official recognition card” that can be used in numerous different high street stores and other bricks-and-mortar businesses. Each card is personalised to identify its owner, and this service charges a singular fee of £4.99 for a membership of 5 years.

The launch of the Defence Privilege Card coincided with a report in which is driven to identify issues and challenges that the defence community have faced, and that of which the Government has helped to fight in order to minimise the negative impact it has brought into the personal lives of those serving in the Armed Forces.

Who is eligible for this service?

In order to become a member of the Defence Discount Service, you must be one of the following relations to the Armed Forces:

  • In service with the UK’s Armed Forces.
  • A spouse or partner of someone serving with the UK’s Armed Forces.
  • Part of the reserve forces.
  • Someone who has served in the UK’s Armed Forces but no longer does (Veteran).
  • A widow or widower and the relative bereaved family (e.g. children) of someone who served in the UK’s Armed Forces.
  • MoD Civil Servants.
  • Cadet Forces that are 16+.
  • UK NATO Personnel.

Those listed above can reap the benefits to be had from becoming a member of the Defence Discount service.

What discounts and savings can be made from this service?

There are many different discounts and savings to be had when becoming a member with this official MoD service. Those with membership can get discounts and make subsequent savings on many different things, including retail, restaurants, and venues to name a few. Below is a list of just some of the discounts to be made with a Defence Discount Service card:

  • 3% to 10% off gift cards on most UK supermarkets and other major brands as Boots, B&Q, Currys, Debenhams, Homebase, House of Fraser, H Samuel, Topman, Toys R Us.
  • 10% off at KFC on any and all items.
  • 20% off cinema tickets (for Vue Cinemas).
  • 20% off Vodafone mobile phone contracts.
  • 10% off any and all groceries in Iceland supermarket.

For insurance and finance, there are discounts and specialist products available through price comparison sites such as Forces Compare and Forces Plan.

In addition to this, the service also provides an impressive range of offers on day trips, holidays, insurance and even cars. The service is free when signing up and applying for discounts online, however, as previously touched on, you will need a Defence Privilege Card to obtain army discounts and to make savings on high street store items.