Your essential guide to business trips in Turkey

Turkey is a large a beautiful country with vast and vibrant history stretching back hundreds of years.

Turkey is an excellent country to consider starting, or expanding, a business. A large population of consumers that can speak at least one foreign language makes it a quickly developing country, ripe for business expansion.

Istanbul, Turkey

The Middle Eastern country is currently trying to move into line with EU regulations to join the common market. This coupled with the country’s location as a gateway to Asia makes Turkey an attractive place to invest.

But as Turkey is not part of the EU you cannot just hop on a flight to Istanbul and do some business. The culture is slightly different, and you do not want a cultural faux pas to ruin your business partnership.  

So, from what you need to do before you travel, to getting a visa for Turkey. Find your essential guide to business trips in Turkey below.

Before you travel

Like visiting any country you should always consult with your doctor before travel. Check with them if any pre-existing medical conditions and your vaccinations are up to date.

It is always good to carry around a bit of cash. The Turkish currency is the Lira and tipping 10-15% is customary in hotels and restaurants. A useful piece of info if you intend to treat your potential business partners. You do not want to appear ungenerous to your hosts.

If you plan to visit some of the famous Turkish markets you might do well to dust off your haggling skills. Haggling with a market stall owner is almost as famous as the Hagia Sophia. Be prepared to use all the tricks in the book to get yourself a bargain.

Turkey visa options

The great thing about travelling to Turkey is the ease of getting a visa for business or pleasure.

When you investigate getting a Turkey visa you will discover you can either fast track your visa with an urgent application (as quick as 14 minutes) or have a regular application, which takes 72 hours.  You can apply for your Turkish visa 24 hours a day 7 days a week online for £29.95. Making the Turkish visa quick, cheap and easy.

As long as your passport is not from one the visa exempt countries and your passport is valid for over 150 days you will be able to apply. A successful application will give you a valid Turkish for 180 days from the day you arrive in Turkey. During these 180 days you can stay in Turkey for a maximum of 90 days. Enough time to do your business.

Business culture in Turkey

As with every country in the world Turkey has strong history and customs. However, most big cities have a cosmopolitan attitude when it comes to business. Turkish cities are like European cities in this way and this is the same for Turkish business culture.

Turks are extremely hospitable people. Expect to be treated by your hosts and even invited into their homes. Offer your normal courtesies and try not to turn down offers of Turkish tea or coffee.

Building a personal relationship is very important to Turks when entering a business relationship. Allow some personal conversation to flow before starting a business discussion. This will go a long way to any successful partnerships. Business cards are widely used so it is a good idea to come fully stocked to exchange at appropriate times.


Turkey could be the perfect place to expand your business internationally. With a large population and a similar business culture to European countries the differences are not so great as other Middle Eastern countries. Furthermore, Turkey has a quick and easy application process for visas and a friendly people. All these factors could lead to a successful expansion of your international business.