London airport transfers – Run the risk or take the safe bet?

When it comes to getting to the airport, your options can often feel endless.

Will you jump on the train and perhaps risk the usual delays that we see heading into London? Will you drive perhaps and take advantage of the meet and greet services now being heavily promoted? Perhaps you’ll keep things casual and simply order a taxi a few hours before you want to leave and run the risk of traffic and road works on the day? Have you considered airport transfers?

airport transfers

Now, while a professional airport transfer service doesn’t have the ability to call itself risk free, having a professional service booked and ready to cater to your London airport transfer needs provides you with a certain level of protection. How? Allow us to explain.

London airport transfers with a difference

Using a professional taxi service or airport transfer service is fast becoming the preferred service and for good reason too. Not only are you choosing what is often the more economical option, thanks to no parking fees required, but you’re also hiring the efforts of an entire team that run said services. Here’s what we mean…

  • PricingWoking taxi services such as the likes of Woking Minicabs work en masse. That means they’re able to offer great prices thanks to having a multitude of customers throughout the day/week/month. While many assume airport transfers to any one of London’s airports would be pricey, they’re actually mistaken. London airport transfers with the likes of Woking Minicabs is actually one of the more economical choices, especially considering the private and professional service you’ll receive on the day and the comfort of your own personal space door to door.
  • Availability – Flights are available 24 hours a day, so too are taxi services and Woking Minicabs are no exception. By utilising an airport transfer service such as this, you’ll enjoy availability 24/7. Whether you’re travelling to the airport for a domestic or business flight, taxi services will make themselves available as and when you need them – providing you book in plenty of time of course.
  • Prompt – Like any other professional service, a professional taxi service will arrive when they say they will and drop you from point A to point B in as efficient a manner as possible. Airport transport services if anything, are even more prompt when it comes to pick-up and drop-off due to the nature of the journey and the need to arrive on time.
  • Convenient – What could be more convenient than having a professional driver and car arrive to pick you up from your door and drop directly outside of your departing terminal? Forget having to park, forget having to navigate the traffic, just sit back, relax and enjoy a hassle free journey.
  • Professional – Any reputable company will take the time to inspect every single driver they employ. Take Woking Minicabs for example; their drivers must pass very strict criteria in order to be employed by this company ensuring you’re only ever chauffeured around by the best and most experienced drivers out there.

London airport transfers by the best

If you’re looking for professional and reliable London airport transfers, we highly suggest the incredible team at Woking Minicabs. From the minute you book, the most efficient route is planned, traffic conditions continually checked and timings planned thoroughly to ensure your experience is nothing but the best. If you’d like to book your next London airport transfer with them or simply want a quote, call today on +44 (0) 1483 833 833 or via