What to expect from debt collectors and what they cannot do

There are times when loan collectors fail to keep up to the end of their contracts by repaying their debts within the agreed period.

When debtors fail to have their funds repaid after friendly reminders, letter of demand and informal negotiations especially with several months of delay, alternative procedures are inevitable. In such circumstances, most loan companies have been forced to use other means to reclaim their money, such as debt collectors.

debt collectors

Generally, the services of debt collectors are usually implored to recover bad debts from nonpayers. There are several agencies which are responsible for recovering different types of debts ranging from individual to big cases. Mostly they have a particular amount of money which they collect from whom they work with and this varies differently depending on the rates which usually collect.

Firms which typically make use of the services include; nursery and childcare facilities, insurance companies, law firms, private membership clubs, private medical facilities, educational facilities, and accountants just to name a few.

What can you expect from debt collection agencies?

Recovering debts can be quite a stressful process especially from clients who do not want to pay or willing to cooperate with the lender; the reason why firms who cannot deal with the drama solicit the services of a third party who are more professional and versed in handling these cases.

Demand payment of expired debt

When a debtor fails to repay the loan within the agreed period; it is considered expired. Debt collectors can demand payment of expired debts from creditors using financial records from the institution.

Compel creditor

Mounting pressure on creditors is another means which is usually used to recover debts; this does not mean the debtor is being harassed or sued immediately but several calls, emails, messages are usually sent toremind them of their debts.


This usually comes after all methods to recover the debts have been exhausted. Suing a client is never the means agencies hope to use but typically the last straw which they draw with difficult clients though most debtors rarely show up to court when they receive a lawsuit because they know the truth.

Vend lenders’ debit

Your debt can be sold to another agency when the organization cannot continue with your case; so if another agency starts contacting you concerning your debts when you had started receiving alerts from another, it simply means that your debt has been sold.

Open negotiations with the debtor

Generally, agencies make a profit depending on the amount of the debt they collect which sometimes can be small. So you can negotiate to pay instead 35% or 40% of what you owe. But whatever bargain you have with the agents, it is of prime importance you have everything documented on paper.

In as much as agencies have the right to reclaim their funds; they are however restricted from doing certain things like; repeated calls, threats of violence, arresting the creditor, visiting their workplace to demand payment and calling at odd hours of the day.