What are the benefits of using the cloud?

One of the most significant technological advances in the business world in recent times has been the rise of cloud computing.

The cloud has completely transformed the way in which businesses in many industries operate and it can bring a whole host of benefits to the company; it could help take your business to the next level and streamline your operation.

using the cloud

If you have not yet adopted cloud computing into your business operation or you recently have and have not quite got to grips with the technology, read on for a few reasons why it is so valuable for modern-day businesses.

Lower costs

One of the main benefits of switching to the cloud is the fact that it can help to reduce costs. The cloud eliminates the need for a physical IT server which can cost money to set up and maintain. Not only this, but cloud computing allows for remote working, which can also help to reduce money on hardware and your utility bill, which also reduces your carbon footprint.

Remote working

Cloud computing makes it possible for teams to create, share, edit, and collaborate on documents no matter where they are (provided that they have an Internet connection). Remote working benefits both employer and employee, so it is a win-win situation and offers flexible working for you and your team.

Automatic updates

You do not have to worry about keeping systems updated and maintained yourself when you use cloud computing because this will all be managed by your supplier. It reduces stress but also means that you get automatic updates, including security updates, which will help to keep your business safe.

Back-up data

The cloud provides a suitable space for backing up data and can be used as part of a disaster recovery plan. There is nothing worse than losing valuable data, but when you are able to back up to the cloud, it ensures that you always have another version available. Additionally, you benefit from enhanced security because you will still have access to data even if a laptop is stolen and the ability to wipe the device remotely. Specialists like McAfee can also provide cloud security solutions which will protect your work environment from cyber threats.


A business’s needs change over time, which means that scalability is crucial, and this is another benefit of cloud computing. If your company goes through a period of growth, then it is simple to scale up your cloud capacity, and it is just as easy to scale back down. Doing so can give you an edge over the competition and eliminate the need to purchase and install expensive upgrades.


It can become very easy to become unorganised and lose files when you are continuously sending documents back and forth in attachments with various edits being made. Cloud computing provides watertight document control because all files are centrally stored with everyone seeing one version of the truth. This will keep the operation running smoothly, reduce errors and keep everyone on the same page.

These are the main benefits of using cloud computing for your business. It can have a huge impact on your company in a number of ways and could help you to grow and compete with bigger brands in your industry.