Flat TV screen – Simple cleaning techniques

To have a relaxing evening watching TV by the end of the tiring day is one of life’s simplest pleasures.

You just want to plop down to enjoy the rest of your day relishing your favourite show. However, sometimes when you are all set to enjoy your time watching the most anticipated show episode you notice that your flat screen is mired with dust and grime. This dust bowl drama and fingerprint marks fade the TV screen shine and cloud the view. 

TV screen

The old TVs had a thick glass screen and could handle any chemical cleaners that are readily available. However, modern TV screens are made of thin-film and have delicate pixels that can be easily damaged by the harsh chemicals of cleaners. We usually jump to specialty cleaners before even reaching out for simpler chemical-free methods. The dust on your flat TV screen can be busted with materials that you already have available under your roof. Following will be the key simple steps to clean the delicate screen:

Step 1

Turn off your TV to reduce the risk of static shock and let the screen cool down completely. Turning off the TV will allow you to see all the marks and imperfections. A hot TV screen is generally harder to clean and may require you to apply force to get rid of the marks and may damage the screen.  

Step 2

Every TV manufacturer has a handy manual that comes with all the instructions and the dos and don’ts. Make sure you refer to that manual or the suggested service eMop before experimenting with any kind of harsh cleaning method. While you may find a lot of cleaning methods online you would notice that they all may contradict to some extent, so it is always better to refer to your owner’s manual to be 100% sure of what you should be trying to clean your screen. Also, if you do anything against the instructions of the manual, you are likely to lose your warranty on TV.

Step 3

Only use high-quality microfiber cloth to wipe the TV surface. As a first step, you will need to dust the screen to get rid of any dirt and if smudges and stains remain, wipe it with a damp cloth. A wet cloth with slight pressure from top to bottom should get the cleaning job done. 

Step 4

If the TV screen still looks smudged and untidy, make a half and half solution of water and vinegar, make sure you wring the cloth completely to ensure there is no dripping liquid, now softly wipe off all those fingerprint marks and stains.  

Step 5

You may need to use a mild dish wash soap in case your TV screen just became a victim of some food fight between your toddlers or he insisted on touching his favourite cartoon character on the screen with his fingers dipped in chocolate.

Things you shouldn’t do

You should never use any cleaners on your TV screen that have ammonia or alcohol ingredients. These can damage the antiglare coating of the screen and may cloud the view. Also, avoid spraying any kind of liquid cleaner on the screen directly, this can permanently damage the TV screen. In the events of extreme urgency we trust our kitchen paper towel, don’t make this mistake with your TV screen. These are abrasive and may scratch the surface. 


Make sure you are cleaning your TV screen sporadically, at least once a week, so that the dust doesn’t settle and becomes firm grime. This routine ritual will keep your TV screen crystal-clear and would not require any aggressive cleaning methods. Don’t forget the other TV partner, the remote control, it often gets much harm than the TV. Just wipe it clean with a cotton rubbing alcohol swab and get all the dirt out of its crevices. Now, you are all set, just turn this beauty on and enjoy the vivid TV marathon.