Top tech startups in Arkansas that you should lookout for

Arkansas is one of the hotspots for a successful startup and tech companies. In less than a decade, Arkansas has become a tech hub in the middle of the country. As more and more resources get available to businesses, small startups are popping up all over Arkansas.

Let us discuss some of the promising startups that Arkansas has to offer.


Angel Eye Camera Systems

This startup was founded in 2013 and offers NICU or web-based neonatal intensive care unit camera/audio system. The company allows friends, families and parents to check their infants who are in the NICU 24 hours a day, seven days a week through their mobile devices. Are you familiar with casino games like the ones found at SparkleSlots? The Angel Eye is much like the ‘Eye in the Sky’ camera systems that are present in modern casinos which monitors every move of players from a distance. The feed-in Angel Eye is password protected and uses HIPPA Compliant websites to perform their services. By logging into a secure personal account, Angel Eye offers parents the option to initiate one-way audio through which they can bond with their babies before they can come out of the NICU which can take a considerable amount of time.

Ozark Integrated Circuits, Inc 

From extreme duty to consumer-grade, Ozark Integrated Circuits is dedicated to offering rugged system solutions for all types of environments. The company has become a centre point for several tech companies thanks to a wide range of premium offerings. Ozark IC claims that they use Silicon Carbide technology to design low power and dense circuits that can withstand high temperatures of 500C, moreover, there ICs have Ultra Violet Sensors which can be integrated into monolithic IC solutions. The company was founded by Matt Francis and is now offering state of the art high heat technology to the US Department of Energy, NASA and the US Air Force.

Bond AI

This startup is based on a banking human-centred Artificial Intelligence. Bond AI claims to be the first company in the world to sport an empathy engine that is made solely for the purpose of transforming your financial banking experience. The AI uses path analysers, conversational intelligence and holistic analyzers to intimately understand the user financial behaviour. It integrates sublimely with mobile banking and marketing methods to hyper personalize it as per the user behaviour and helps the user as well as the bank to earn more revenue in the long run.

First Orion

First Orion has its headquarters at Little Rock, Arkansas and has several offices in United Kingdom, Texas, Dallas and Seattle. This startup is focused on offering consumers and businesses with phone call transparency with world-class data. First Orion uses an in-house PrivacyStar call management software that lets consumers aware of unknown callers. The startup offers prospective businesses with authoritative data that they can utilize to gain the right target customer group or validate customer information from relevant data.


Established in 2015, RaftUP offers consumers with unique IoT and software solutions that will enhance their social engagement with the outdoor world. The company specializes in decreasing total response times in technology to enhance public safety and first-hand emergency responses. Recently, they have launched an application that can highlight the local social group and community residing near you. It specifies an interactive map and local weather forecasts as well as showcases a local marketplace to boost community engagement.


“We are able to provide cross border payments using the real exchange rates at the local level, allowing our customers to easily search, compare, and send money online with the best exchange rates available.” –  said by LumoXchange officials.

Also founded in 2015, this startup is geared towards offering customers with a global peer-to-peer money transfer marketplace. LumoXchange allows customers to compare their exchange rates with other platforms and make global payment through a single interface. Through their currency exchange marketplace, they are able to offer consumers with the best exchange rates that they can possibly offer.