5 reasons why you should still have business cards

Despite the fact that today’s most effective marketing methods are predominantly digital, business cards still hold a great deal of value for companies of all sizes.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a successful entrepreneur who doesn’t keep a stack of them in their pocket. As small as they are, business cards are critical to the growth of your company.

business cards

Whether it’s in a business meeting, at a trade fair, after a seminar or on your daily commute, there are countless opportunities where a business card can make a significant impact. This is not only because they hold your contact details. A well-designed business card will speak favourably for your business and bring a lasting impression.

Powerful direct marketing tool

As potent as they are, marketing methods like newsletters, social media posts, online advertisements, and web content are still not as effective as an in-person exchange sealed with a handshake. This is because a meeting will leave a lasting impression – if you throw in a business card.


Smaller businesses are particularly familiar with how expensive it can be to effectively market their brand. There are few advertising methods that won’t initially set you back a good chunk of your money. Business cards, on the other hand, can be printed in the hundreds for just a few pounds.

You can find cheap business cards on HelloPrint, a Dutch company that offers high-quality business cards that are tailored to your specifications. They have hundreds of templates to choose from, as well as a variety of styles and finishes. This store also offers a number of other powerful and affordable marketing material. This includes advertising boards, custom banners, flag printing, flyer printing, and cheap sticker printing services, among many others. With a team of 150 talented professionals at your disposal, you can use them to build a strong marketing strategy without blowing your budget.

Cultural importance

Business cards hold prominent importance in many cultures. In Japan, businessmen gauge the quality of your company and services by the look and design of your business card. In Hong Kong, it’s customary to offer your business card when someone gives you theirs. If you’re not equipped for the task, you could easily lose out on a crucial client or partnership.


Design your business card right and your recipient will automatically have a stronger sense of trust in your business. This is important in today’s economy, as your clients and partners need to have faith in your offerings. Business cards will help bridge the trust deficit that exists when you first meet someone.


A good business card will include both your contact details and a list of your services. The latter is extremely important, as it helps you become more referable. If the recipient of your business card knows what you offer, they can refer your business to other people who are looking for your services.


There is clear importance in having well-designed business cards. Before investing in any other marketing methods, be sure to equip yourself with some business cards. They will quickly prove their worth in the business prospects they bring.