Tool rental for every project

Although the construction industry in Britain is flourishing, it is important to remain competitive as much as possible.

Every edge you can leverage will help bolster your business. In an industry where outlays can be considerable, tool rental rather than tool purchase, is an area you should explore. This can both reduce costs and administration as well as making your business more productive and efficient.

tool rental

Let’s take a close look at the benefits of mini digger hire and other equipment that can help you run your construction business more smoothly.

Serviced and quality tool rental equipment

A key advantage in using tool hire rather than outright purchase is the equipment is always in good working order. The tool rental business needs to be able to supply the best equipment to survive. As such, when you hire a digger or ladder, or indeed any piece of equipment, it is going to be one of quality. It is going to be fit for purpose and won’t let you down.

Furthermore, you know that it is compliant with health and safety regulations. This removes a lot of administration issues and allows you and your teams to concentrate on the job at hand.

Should the equipment breakdown you simply get on the phone and get a timely replacement. With a good tool hire company, however, breakdowns are extremely rare.

Tool rental saves costs on big purchases

Another aspect to look at in detail is cost. The bigger, heavier equipment requires quite a significant outlay in the first instance. Renting equipment and tools when you need it often works out the most cost-effective option. Equipment costs are usually in their thousands, and you only need the equipment for a certain amount of time. As such, buying the equipment makes no sense, especially if you are going to use it for a month or two every year.

If you decide to buy all of your business equipment, you have to factor in insurance, servicing, transportation, storage, and other headaches such as health and safety.

Health and safety

Although essential, health and safety can be an administration nightmare. It is also a big responsibility and one that can give you sleepless nights. If applied incorrectly, you are looking at hefty fines and possible prison sentences.

Tool rental removes large aspects of health and safety, such as servicing and planned preventative maintenance. If you have ever put these kinds of programmes in place, you will know how administrative heavy it is. It also snares up the time of your teams as they take a few hours out of every week to check all the equipment for wear and tear. Not to mention losing equipment that has to go for MOTs and the like.

Although it cannot remove all aspects of health and safety every part that can be removed frees up your time. This reduces stress, and let’s you focus on the business, making it more efficient and productive.

Transportation and storage

Another factor that arises from owning equipment is that you have to move it from one job to another. Logistics brings its own issues and is another operational aspect that needs to be considered. It is at the very least something that eats into time as you lose a member of staff who is moving equipment to various sites.

Tool rental often comes with delivery and collection. This can reduce headaches and providing you plan the jobs well, you can have the equipment ready for your teams on the days they are going to use it.

Storage is another issue if you buy the equipment outright. This often requires using larger spaces to store the equipment which adds to your costs. Much of the equipment is valuable, and you have to pay for additional security to prevent theft and vandalism. All of this hits your bottom line over and over again.

Renting the equipment, especially the big machines such as a mini digger makes sound business sense.

Suitable for all sizes of construction business

No matter the size of your construction business, tool rental is arguably the way forward. If you’re a small outfit carrying out home improvements, you can use tool hire, getting the bulky, expensive equipment delivered to where you need it. If you’re a larger outfit, you can do the same with most equipment delivered to a site. In all instances, you will save money, time, and work more efficiently.

Tips for finding a tool rental supplier

When finding a tool hire supplier, ensure that they supply the kind of equipment you need, and take the time to build a good relationship with them. This can see your tool rental requests serviced first, and get bumped up to the front of the queue.

Most construction companies work with national companies as should one branch not have the tool you need another will. This can save a lot of headaches.

Use tool rental for your construction projects and see your profits grow.