Trends in cryptocurrency in 2019

Cryptocurrencies have been on the scene for around a decade or so, but only recently hit the big time after the mainstream media gave the scene the attention it rightfully deserves.

While there has always been an audience with a keen interest in cryptos, especially with a keen eye on trading, more and more are now getting involved. So, it’s vital to keep up with the latest cryptocurrency trends, and here they are.

cryptocurrency trends

Ripple could rise to the top

While many see Bitcoin as the obvious choice when it comes to cryptos, with Ethereum often seen as its closest rival; 2019 could prove to be a very successful year for another crypto entirely. Ripple, often going by the name of XRP, is a coin which can also operate as a payment solution for the transferring of funds through financial institutions. This has seen Ripple become more active with these institutions, which is only going to increase its demand, making it one of the coins to invest in before the year’s out.

In fact, many in the business are expecting the value of Ripple to reach anything from $500 to $1000 in a few years’ time. This may seem incredible to some, but if you had invested in the currency at the beginning of the year, you would be looking at a 36,000% growth on the investment.

Better education

This next trend is one that can and will benefit everyone, but new people to the scene will feel its impact more. 2019 is the year where there’s going to be more and better education resources provided by companies for use within the community, with even more experts set to host seminars and webinars. This will range from the most basic of tasks like how to setup a Luno ethereum wallet to how to interpret trading charts. There’s also likely to be an influx of education videos such as tutorials, while blockchain events and think tanks will also become more prominent within the scene. Knowledge is always useful, and when it comes for the experts it can pay dividends.

More investment in blockchain technology

Blockchain technology has been put to work by multiple companies and coin generators, but due to the advancements made where technology is concerned, and the new changes which continue to come into play such as security, these companies will have to invest more money into blockchain tech. However, this should pay dividends for users, as the transparency regarding transactions will remain, but there will be less susceptibility to fraud and tampering. This opportunity has not been missed by Venture Capitalists, as there has been a minimum of USD $1.3 billion invested on a global scale in 2018.

Improvements to analysis tools

Trading and investing are continuing to grow in popularity, and there are plenty of websites out there which has tools and programs to aid those looking to get an accurate idea of how the market is set to flow going forward. The great news is, these tools and programs are set to be improved dramatically over the course of 2019, which should see more accurate predictions made. This should therefore result in more profit and a lower amount of losses incurred, which is good news for everyone. There are even sites such as Blockmodo that are including social and video data, in addition to real time price updates, in an effort to get a more rounded view of the market.

With three months of 2019 left, there’s still plenty of time for even more cryptocurrency trends to develop before the year’s out. As the crypto scene is a fast moving one, it’s always a good idea to stay across the latest, and the above cryptocurrency trends are definitely the ones to watch right now.