4 security methods to prevent insider threats

While common cyber threats such as fraud, espionage, IT sabotage, and Intellectual Property theft, new research has shown us the patterns related to malicious insider threats. These threats pose a great risk to your organization and are usually from an external adversary or an insider threat. 

So how does one prevent insider threats from happening? Establishing a privileged access management security is the best way to prepare for these situations. 

insider threats

For instance, you can deploy a monitoring software that views employee activity on each computer, making it easier for you to receive information from multiple sources. You’ll be more alert to the changes in your system, which reduces the rate of being attacked by an insider or outsider threat. 

Create a sense of physical security

To ensure that security rules are upheld, having some physical security wouldn’t hurt. Hire a security team that will follow your organization’s safety instructions. They can prevent unauthorized people from entering confidential IT areas where the data is stored. 

Have them inspect people for IT devices and have them document everything that’s off the security baseline. Any unexpected behavior needs to be reported, as your security team will help with getting your organization safe from most security issues and give you time to create high-quality products. 

Identify risky actors

As we stated earlier, suspicious behavior can lead to more dangerous situations if you’re not careful. Monitor employee activity and respond to disruptive or suspicious behavior based on your incident response policy. 

Control and monitor the remote access to your company’s infrastructure. Configure the alerting on all of the systems and get alerts that warn you through all of the channels. With user behavior analytics (UBA) software and technology, you’ll be able to spot these threats faster. 

Train employees on insider threat awareness

Speaking to your employees about insider threats is one of the best ways to create an insider threat prevention program. It’s transparent and allows your employees to understand the procedures behind your business operations. 

When training your employees, train them on reporting security issues. Give them techniques on reducing the threat to prevent any unexpected losses to your company. 

Consider giving your employees incentives for who can follow the security policies the best. While you can’t eliminate insider threats fully, you can create an insider threat solution to help prevent future issues from occurring. 

Create an employee termination procedure

If your employee is spotted for being an insider threat, you have to create a system that deals with employee termination. Make sure that your HR department is trained for this, and continue to make this procedure to protect your company technologically and legally from your former employees. 


Insider threat prevention starts with you, your employees, and your security practices. This means that you’ll have to create a system where threats aren’t tolerated and will be dealt with immediately. By doing this, you’ll increase the chances of protecting your assets and increasing the longevity of your business.