The most beautiful fireplaces for your home

Having a fireplace is a detail that makes it truly a welcoming and cozy home. In fact, the human love for fireplaces is much deeper than just liking the way it looks – we subconsciously enjoy it due to the primal primal relationship we have with it.

As fire was one of the most involved things in human survival thousands of years ago, providing them with heat, protection, cooking possibilities etc, humans have deep appreciation for fireplaces, therefore, having one in your home makes you a happier person.


However, some people are concerned whether the fireplace is needed in their home and if they can find the right one for themselves. The answer is – yes! A fireplace is not only practical as a heating option in winter, but also a way to get a sense of security and cosiness all year long. There are also many different ways to display a beautiful fireplace in your home. Here are some of the most beautiful and inspiration fireplace ideas:

Fireplace in the kitchen 

Even though fireplaces are typically in bedrooms, enjoying the warming view of burning fire over a dinner sounds lovely. As many houses these days have a living or dining room as an open extension of the kitchen, having a fireplace there is extremely easy. The fact that it is an unusual place to have a fireplace can add so much unique charm to your home and will be enjoyed more often and by more people. After all, the kitchen is where the most time is spent by the family and guests. 

Beautiful things come in all shapes and forms

The best thing about installing a fireplace in a home is the vast choices behind the design of it. When you hear the word “fireplace” you might imagine a traditional Victorian style wood burning fireplace that has a head of stuffed wild taxidermy above it. However, that image is not what fireplaces look like most of the time. These days you have many different possibilities for any type of house.

There are also many ways to install small fireplaces just hanging on the wall within a glass box for homeowners that are worried about the lack of space in their house. Besides that, you can always choose if you want a wood or gas fireplace, which means that the display can be completely different from the traditional wood to some minimalistic stones.

It is possible to have a fireplace in almost any home and the choices of them vary for any type of house and any need of the owners. The only thing you need to do is contact a professional dealer and come up with the best solutions together. For instance, Barbas Bellfires fireplaces have various stunning options and designs to choose from but importantly will provide guidance to this endeavour.

Practicality is also important

Even though the design of the fireplace is what most people tend to focus on, the practical functioning behind it is what is important to consider as well. Each person needs to consider their preferences and budget. Some fireplaces require less maintenance than others, which is important for those who are busy and do not want to fuss around too much with on-going upkeep of having a fireplace. 

Environment-friendly fireplace

With the trends leading towards care for the environment and going green, that might become a concern for those who dream about a beautiful wood fireplace in the house. However, there are options even for those situations. You can get a fireplace that is manufactured based on strict environmental regulations, good energy ratings as well as it works in a way that does not emit harmful substances into the environment. 

Final word

A fireplace will certainly add charm to any house and it is unlikely that a home is unsuitable for one. With countless options to choose from, there is always a right fireplace for any house type of interior design as well as for any needs, values or lifestyles. It is often the trends of home interior that change quickly as opposed to fireplaces. Many will claim there are new, fashionable fireplaces, but they are more timeless than that. Home interior (and future home interior) should be considered, but your own intuition should decide the fireplace itself as it will become an intergrated part of the home for the long-haul.