How a press release can help your business

A press release or PR refers to an official statement that is delivered to news media members to provide information or make an important announcement. It’s also called a press statement, media release, or news release.

When it comes to creating press releases, it should adhere to a strict format and is well-written. A press release can help your business, most especially if it’s still new or a startup.

press release

Below are some ways a press release can help you grow and make your business successful:

A press release provides good publicity for your business

A press release is a great way to let reporters or the media know about your products and services, or event. In that way, the information will be passed along to make good publicity for your business. Small or medium-sized businesses only have limited resources, so it’s expensive to spread the news about a new business. Also, it’s difficult to reach your target audience with traditional marketing methods without breaking your bank.

A well-written and distributed press release helps your company gain the necessary media coverage in industry-specific journals, influential blogs, news outlets, and other publications. It’s not necessary to have a news-shattering story or next breaking headline—you just need to showcase your great work within your community or industry.

Here are some tips and tricks when creating a press release:

  • Keep your short-term and long-term goals in mind. By doing so, you can instantly share information with an audience that’s broader than what you already have.
  • Drive traffic to your PR using your social media platforms to increase site traffic, provide additional content, and generate leads or buzz. It’s one way to guarantee the necessary information about your brand, company, or event to be shared accurately.
  • Position your business as an industry expert to build credibility and trust by creating an excellent PR campaign participating in any conversation that is related to your business niche or industry.
  • If you don’t have any idea how to write a press release, find a trusted and reputable PR distribution company like, Pressat Newswire, to help you write press releases that will catch the attention of your audience.

A press release tells your story

A press release can help you tell your story about your products and services, and your business as a whole. It grants you full control over the news or story you want to tell your target audience. Also, it’s a great opportunity to share your intentions, explain the unique value of your product, and to properly respond to claims or assumptions that others have made about your company.

Here are the best topics for a press release:

  • Introducing a newly launched website.
  • Introducing your new product line.
  • How your business aligns with emerging technologies, like digital technology.
  • Testimonials or stories of loyal customers using your products and services.
  • Highlighting your brand reputation.
  • New award or accomplishment for your business.

It helps build solid relationships

Press releases can help you build stronger ties with reporters and journalists looking for great stories to share with their followers and readers. A well-written press release ensures that the journalist will not ignore your story but rather publish your material.

By building a solid relationship with journalists, your story can capture the attention of media outlets and influencers in your business niche or industry. These entities need a constant flow of interesting stories to engage with their readers, and stay relevant and updated in their niche.

A press release offers SEO benefits

In this digital world, search engine optimization or SEO is crucial for any business. From your meta description, alt tags, and image descriptions, you need to incorporate SEO. If a compelling press release is distributed, it will likely be picked up by a popular blog, media outlet, or newspaper. It means that your company will gain a link, visibility, mentions, brand recognition, and referral traffic.

You can create more quality SEO and backlinks by hosting press releases on your website and widely spreading or distributing it on your business social media pages. A press release can help directly boost the search engine results pages or SERPs of your company when the URL ranks. While it happens rarely, a press release has an indirect impact on the overall success of your business.


Any business or company can publish your press release, promoting it to a wider audience. Whether you are announcing a promotion, an award, or a new product, a reliable public relations team or PR distribution service can help your business identify and create the best story. In that way, more people will be attracted and excited to know about your brand or company.