How long does drain unblocking take?

With expert technicians and state-of-the-art equipment, drain unblocking can be completed within a matter of minutes. Depending on the cause of the blockage and the severity of the impact, your drainage issues can be resolved before you know it.

If you’re experiencing slow draining water, it’s important to take action quickly. Whilst your drains may not be completely blocked just yet, it’s only a matter of time before the situation gets worse. By seeking professional assistance now, you can prevent a complete blockage. Furthermore, unblocking a drain that is partially blocked can be completed more quickly than a fully blocked pipe.

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How do you know if your drains are blocked?

If water doesn’t drain away from your sinks or the water in your toilet bowl is higher than usual, it’s likely you have a drainage problem. When drains are completely blocked, you could be left with standing water in sinks, showers and baths, and overflowing toilets when you attempt to flush them. For efficient resolution of such drainage issues, consider consulting a specialist hdpe company for durable and effective solutions.

Unless you take swift action, this type of blockage will cause damage to your home and your health. If you run a tap and the water has nowhere to go, for example, it will overflow and cause flooding within the property.

Similarly, if your sewer pipe or waste pipe is blocked, it’s likely that contaminated water is going to overflow into your property. As well as causing extensive damage to your home, this could pose a risk to your health and safety.

However, blocked drains don’t always occur instantaneously. In fact, it’s more common for blockages to build up over time. When this happens, you can avoid flooding and health risks by taking action before a complete blockage occurs.

In situations like this its best to call in a reputable company that can deal with the issue fast, such as FS Drainage Services. These guys have a great reputation for getting the job done fast and efficiently. If your sinks are taking longer to empty than usual or if your shower tray is holding an abnormal amount of water, don’t wait until the problem gets worse. Similarly, if you notice gurgling sounds coming from a drain or unpleasant odours, it could be a sign that a pipe is blocked. Take action now and drain unblocking can resolve the issue immediately.

How do you know which drain is blocked?

Pipework can be intricate and it’s not always clear exactly which pipe is causing the problem. With incoming fresh water and outgoing waste water pipes connecting your home to the main pipe network, it’s important to identify exactly where the problem arises.

However, you needn’t worry about trying to locate the blockage yourself. Experienced engineers can use advanced technology to pinpoint the exact location of the blockage, without digging or removing any pipework.

CCTV drain surveys are used in both residential and commercial settings, so it’s easy to identify any drainage issue. By using sensitive drain cameras, technicians can establish exactly what’s causing the blockage and where it is. With this information, they can establish an appropriate unblocking strategy and ensure that your drainage system is back to tip top condition.

Furthermore, a CCTV drain survey will enable engineers to ensure that the blocked pipe hasn’t caused any further damage. If a blockage is left untreated, for example, it could crack the pipe or cause it to collapse completely. When using specialist drain cameras to identify the blockage, engineers can also establish whether any additional damage has occurred and, if so, determine what action needs to be taken.

How does drain unblocking work?

Once on site, a specialist engineer should assess the issue and determine exactly where the problem is arising from. Following this, professional-grade equipment is used to remove the blockage and restore your drains to good working order.

High-pressure water jetting is one of the most efficient ways to remove blockages from pipes. Regardless of what materials are causing the blockage, water jetting should be able to break them down safely. Furthermore, water jetting can be carried out without the risk of causing damage to the structure of the pipework.

Oil, fat and grease are the most common causes of blockages in drains and it’s important that appropriate equipment is used to unclog them. Once these materials are put into a drain, they quickly solidify and cause almost impenetrable blockages.

Whilst over-the-counter drain unblockers may claim to resolve these blockages, in the vast majority of cases they simply aren’t strong enough to dissolve or move the material. In fact, you may find that they make the problem worse.

By using professional drain unblocking services, however, you can be sure that the blockage has been completely removed and that there is no structure damage to your pipework. Giving you peace of mind that your commercial or domestic drainage system isn’t on the brink of collapse, professional drain unblocking is the most effective way to resolve draining issues.

Accessing help in a drainage emergency

If your drains are backing up and a blockage is causing flooding in your property, you’re going to want to access help quickly. Choosing a reputable firm with fast response times is the best way to ensure the issue will be resolved efficiently.

Professional drain engineers understand the importance of responding to these situations quickly, so you should always be able to find qualified and experienced technicians who can assist. By keeping a reliable drainage firm on speed dial, for example, you’ll always have access to specialist help.

With reputable drainage firms offering 24/7 availability, you can be sure that any urgent drainage issues will be addressed quickly and efficiently. Working with a firm with minimal response times and first-time fix solutions may be the best way to ensure your drainage issues are resolved quickly.

Whether you’re dealing with blocked drains at home or internal flooding at the office, domestic and commercial drain unblocking can rectify the issue. With professional engineers on site to identify, address and resolve the issue, you can protect your home or workplace and ensure that your drainage system is functioning as it should.