Why you should hire a printing company

In-house printing might seem like a cost-effective option at first, but it soon becomes a time-consuming and expensive way of producing printed materials.

Whether you’re creating flyers, brochures or letterheads, printing them internally can use up a considerable amount of your budget. Which is why you should consider hiring a printing company.

printing company

In addition to this, internal print methods rarely offer the same quality as professional printing. With lesser quality ink and paper, trying to print in-house can result in an expensive yet lower quality end product.

Increased paper options

If you’re unfamiliar with print methods and options, you won’t realise the importance of choosing the right paper until you see it for yourself. Choosing the right type of paper is extremely important when it comes to printing. Not only will it affect how the end product looks and feels, the correct type of paper can lower your costs.

When you’re creating marketing materials, such as flyers or brochures, you may want to opt for gloss or metallic paper, for example. Alternatively, for in-house branded goods, matte paper might be the best option.

Within these choices, however, are a myriad of other options. Some papers work best with bold, vibrant inks, for example, whilst others display dark, bold colours better. Similarly, some paper offers enhanced colour reflection whilst others have increased colour saturation.

Of course, the vast majority of businesses don’t keep a supply of various print materials in-house. In addition to a selection of high-quality paper, you’ll also need to have a vast quantity of alternative print materials if you want to match the services of a professional print company.

Producing roller and banner stands requires a selection of fabrics and PVC, for example. Alternatively, you may want to opt for eco-friendly print materials, such as recyclable card and sustainably sourced papers.

From textured print materials to super-smooth satin finishes, a professional print company can offer you an endless selection of print materials. Furthermore, with expert input, you can ensure you’re choosing the best printing materials for the particular job.

In addition to this, working with a professional printing company like IPW1 can help to minimise the cost of each project. Instead of having to order specialist materials yourself, you can take advantage of the low-cost accessibility the print firms offer. With an existing supply of paper, card, fabrics and PVC, you’ll have access to an extensive selection of printing materials when you work with an established print company.

High quality inks

When you’re planning your next printing project, you’ll need to consider what type of ink you want to use. Buying ink and toner for an office printer might be simple enough but finding the right inks for your marketing materials can be far more difficult.

Should you opt for digital printing? Will lithographic printing give better results? When should thermographic printing be used? How does vinyl printing work? These are all questions a professional print company will be able to answer, so it’s important to get expert advice before you get started.

Buying ink for your business can take up a considerable chunk of your resources and purchasing specialist ink can be even costlier. However, established print companies have a range of inks which can be used for all types of projects.

With the right ink to match any paper, card or fabric, using printing services helps to ensure you get the best quality finish with the lowest costs. 

Increased turnaround time

When you’re printing hundreds of menus or thousands of letterheads, you’ll need access to professional-grade printing equipment. Whilst printing these items in-house would be extremely expensive, it would also be highly time-consuming.

Printers designed for business use aren’t equipped to cope with such high levels of usage, particularly if your printing equipment is built for use in the office. If you attempt to use this type of hardware for printing marketing materials or stationery, you’ll quickly run into problems.

Firstly, the printing will take hours or days to complete. During this time, your printers will be unavailable for core business functions, which means your day-to-day activities will be delayed. Furthermore, it’s highly unlikely your office-grade equipment will be able to cope with the load you’re placing on it. Ink cartridges will need to be replaced, each print will need to be examined for smudges, ink heads will block, and ink will take a long time to dry, thus increasing the risk of damage to your artwork.

When you commission professional printers to undertake the work, however, they’ll have state-of-the-art equipment to print your materials. Industrial printing equipment is designed to print thousands of materials quickly. In addition to this, commercial printing equipment is capable of printing highly detailed and intricate artwork as many times as needed, without any impact on the quality of the finished product.

With quick-drying ink, high-quality print materials and industrial-grade equipment, your order can be produced to an exceptionally high standard in a relatively short space of time. Some printing companies can even facilitate same-day orders, which highlights the flexibility and functionality of the equipment being used in professional print firms

Creative impact and software management

Perhaps you’ve got an in-house marketing team to design your materials or maybe you’re outsourcing your needs to an external promotions company? Whether you’ve got dedicated staff to handle your design or you’re managing it yourself, experienced printers can help ensure your artwork is properly prepared for printing.

With access to a wide range of software, many print firms offer additional services to ensure you’ll get the best print quality. If your artwork needs to be transferred to an alternative format, for example, a professional printer will be able to advise how this can be done without any loss in quality. What’s more – a professional printer will even be able to do this for you!

Whilst printing in-house may seem tempting at first, it simply can’t compare with the quality and output offered by professional print firms. With experience, expertise and specialist equipment, an established printing company can produce high-quality prints in less than half the time and at a fraction of the cost.