How businesses could be saving money with facilities management

In the ever competitive world of business, money is often at the forefront of most considerations, and wherever there are options to reduce costs and save money, these should be explored. One of the most costly expenditures along with investing in staff, is the business’ premises and facilities management could save you money.

Along with rent and other associating legal fees, the upkeep of a facility is often overlooked in the budgeting requirements. It is however, highly important to regularly maintain a facility to a high level in order to avoid further expenditures. The best way to do this is with excellent facilities management.

facilities management

What is facilities management

Facilities management encompasses all things related to ensuring the upkeep and protection of a facility, and can cover a variety of disciplines from plumbing to electrical safety, compliance and hygiene.

Facilities management services, whilst not essential for businesses functioning, are necessary to ensure the efficiency and smooth running of the business itself. Here we will cover just some of the ways facilities management could save your business money.

Time saving

The much used saying of ‘time is money’ definitely comes in to play should your business have to shut down due to unexpected faults or maintenance. Any downtime can result in a loss of earnings and impact on your bottom line. It’s important therefore to consider any aspects which can influence this.

Facilities management services can be excellent for saving your business time, by allowing you to prepare ahead of time with scheduled maintenance out of working hours, this can identify issues before they escalate, resulting in less need for expensive larger repairs, replacements or unscheduled downtime.

Extend lifespans

In a workplace there will be variety of things which need regular maintenance to ensure their longevity. Things such as plumbing systems, outdoor drainage and air conditioning units should all be checked thoroughly as part of scheduled maintenance.

This maintenance will help to identify any issues as they arise, and allow for smaller repairs. If systems and equipment are left without inspection, larger repairs, or even complete breakages can occur. This was all affect the lifespan of the system, resulting in the need for replacements which can be costly.

Selling your property

Should there come a time when you want to sell your property, it is vital that any outstanding repairs or replacements of necessary systems are completed. A well-maintained property will be a much more valuable asset and won’t need such large outlays to get into a saleable condition. Investing in facilities management early, will ensure that your property will be in the best condition possible for a sale.


Within a building there are a huge amount of legislations and regulations which need to be adhered to in order to be compliant within the law. Any deviation from these, could result in a fine or even prosecution. By employing a facilities management team, you can be ensured that your building is compliant and stays ahead of any change within the law, protecting you from potential fines.

There are a wide variety of ways a facilities management team could save your business money, through time saving techniques and regular scheduled maintenance. It is therefore important to allow for facilities management within a company’s budget, to ensure your facility stays ahead of any potential issues.