Using digital imaging technology to progress in the world of eCommerce

The retail and eCommerce markets are more saturated than ever before, making it increasingly difficult for brands and businesses to stand out from the crowd. Yet it’s those that can make a difference and stick out above the rest that go on to succeed.

In order to stay current and push for progressiveness within an ever-changing industry, some businesses are looking to developing digital imaging technology to support their business aims.

digital imaging technology

Home furnishings brand Terrys Fabrics have done just this, by listening to customer feedback in order to develop a new way of purchasing for the consumer. The brand utilised their fantastic customer service relationships to gather information surrounding the most frequent issues potential customers would come up against throughout their purchasing journey.

The difficulty surrounding visualising online products within the home came up more often than not, with many customers relying on product samples and a generous returns policy to be able to feel confident in their choices. To combat this, the brand has worked with developers to launch an app which utilises this innovative digital imaging technology to showcase over 2,000 pattern and colour variations of the made to measure blinds for sale within a consumer’s home. Available to download through the iOS store, the Terrys Fabrics Window Planner uses innovative image technology to display how a range of products will look within a consumer’s current home interiors.

The way the app works is simple, customers are simply asked to take an image of their desired window, add in the appropriate dimensions and then scroll through the thousands of options available to test through the app. The app will then showcase the chosen blinds at the consumers window, giving customers the opportunity to try before they buy. Once happy with the final selection, customers are simply directed back to checkout to make their purchase.

The brand believes that this process not only eliminates the problem associated with attempting to visualise how prospective interiors will look within the home, but also allows customers to virtually test as many colours and styles of blinds as they desire, saving both time and potential expense on samples.

The brand has confidence that implementing this technology offering will provide an additional service for the customer which isn’t readily available across the market. Not only this, Terrys Fabrics believe that the visualisation process will be much more effective than those currently available through traditional shopping experiences, and therefore should support an increase in customer satisfaction.

Paul McGuiness, Director and Owner of Terrys Fabrics says “We believe that the future of home furnishing online depends on creating a unique buying experience, and our goal is to bring ease to the experience and remove any uncertainty from purchasing blinds online. Our app allows users to virtually try blinds in their own home at any time of day, without need for any advisor or sales representative. We’re excited to bring this development to the market and make the first steps in changing the online shopping experience for blinds and curtains.”

The Terrys Fabrics Window Planner bridges the gap between inspiration and real life and allows customers to play the role of interior designer before making a purchase. This possibility is relatively unique to the digital world, though the brand believe that this is simply the future of online shopping, and in an age of digital prevalence, it’s easy to see why.