What is the best makeup for olive skin tone?

If you are lucky to have an olive skin tone, getting the best makeup can be a daunting task.

Vibrant, fun tones appear beautiful with your olive skin colour, but you know what? You can spend the entire day looking for the foundation or even lipstick that will match your standout undertones.

olive skin tone

And don’t forget the application of the makeup will also determine how you look. That is why we decided to bring you this guide about olive skin tone to understand some basics before heading to your beauty store to peak makeup for your unique skin undertone. Continue reading below for more.

1. Understanding your undertones

Regardless of your main skin tone, what makes your foundation effective is how well it suits your undertones. And brands don’t make this easier for you either, but they provide two or sometimes more colours that appear pretty identical hence making the entire thing more complicated for you. And don’t forget to use only the best clean beauty brands. Our planet and your skin will thank you for that. However, beneath your skin is either one of these undertones. 

  • Cool- blue, pink, and red undertones.
  • Warm- gold and yellow undertones.
  • Neutral- this strikes a balance between the first two undertones (cool & warm).

Generally, an olive tone is said to have either neutral or warm undertones but with a greenish cast. Remember that the lighter your skin colour is, the cooler the undertone is. To know your skin undertone, here are some tests you can carry out.

2. The cream vs. white test

Take two clothes, one cream, and the other white. You can use a towel as well. Don’t wear any makeup during this test. Now, choose which shade matches your skin colour best. If it is white, then your skin undertone is warm. If the cream shade complements your skin tone more, then your skin undertone is cool. If the two colours flatter you, then your skin undertone is neutral.

3. The vein test

Check closely at the veins on your arm. If they appear green, then your skin undertone is warm. If they are blue, then your skin undertone is cool. If you see both shades in your veins, or they appear blue-green, then your skin undertone is without a doubt neutral.

4. The jewelry test

If your complexion can be enhanced by gold jewelry, then you are on the warmer side. If on the other hand, silver jewelry appears better on your skin tone, then your skin undertone is likely to be cool. If both can do, then neutral is your skin tone.

5. The sun test

What happens on your skin when you bask out in the sun? Does it appear tan and then change to golden brown? Or did it turn pink first? If your skin colour tanned immediately, then your skin undertone is more likely to be warm. If it first burned, then you are cool-undertones.

6. Olive skin foundations

Understanding your real skin undertone helps you choose the right foundation for your skin colour. If you don’t want to apply foundation every day, you can opt for light foundations. These, just like darker foundations, provide the right coverage of your skin.

7. Blush and bronzer for olive skin

A little blush can enhance that touch of shade that gives a glow to your olive skin complexion. There are various products you can use. Most of these products can be mixed and used together for a colorful skin glow. Bronzers give your skin an instant glow.

8. Eyeshadow

When it comes to shadow, whether you decide to choose sultry or natural, it all depends on what you want. However, a straightforward option that we recommend for women with olive skin tone is red and golden brown shades. They really appear beautiful on this type of skin colour.

These colours provide just the right amount of oranges and also have some burgundy browns that highlight your eyes and skin colour. They are also great colours since you can apply them regardless of the occasion you are attending.

9. Lipstick for olive skin

There is a variety of lipstick colour you can choose that works pretty well with your skin type. From vibrant oranges to light nude, the options are unlimited. Berry colours enhance the warmth of your skin tone while bright colours pop out the natural gold undertones.