3 must-know tips when booking a business trip

When you’re chained to a desk, watching the sun set as you type yet another mid-term financial report, one aspiration can keep you moored to the seas of sanity – it’s the hope that you, even a lowly clerk like you, might escape this office on a business trip sometime soon.

It may seem like a wild imagining but there’s every chance that your company could shell out for a hotel in some far-flung destination, all so you can meet with foreign clients and, if you’re lucky, enjoy some sunshine and sangria. But booking a business trip is not as easy as you think.

booking a business trip

If you do luck out, you’ll want your trip to run as smoothly as possible, which is why we’ve created this guide to help you make the most out of your trip when booking your business trip.

Get airport parking

It’s annoying if you miss a flight for a family holiday, but not a huge deal. Miss a business flight, however, and your HR department will swoop down on you like those monkey men in The Wizard of Oz. ‘You didn’t fly, my pretty,’ your HR department will bellow, ‘and you never will with our company again! WAHAHA!’

That’s why you should insist on airport parking to make sure nothing sets back your timetable. If you’re flying from, say, Heathrow Airport, then booking in advance with a company like will cost you less than £100 per day. A pretty good rate, especially if your company’s footing the bill.

Book your own hotel

It’s a common tradition that your HR department books most of your trip for you if you’re going away on business. But if you can wrestle control from their grasp, try to book a hotel on your own.

There are a few good reasons to do this. For one, your HR department will try to find the cheapest hotel they can, fleecing you of comfort in the process. For two, your HR department may conveniently forget to add extras like breakfast to the bill. For three, your HR department might not consider your personal needs, choosing a bargain instead of a location that’s close to your meeting venues.

As a writer who’s been burned by HR departments before, take this as a personal warning – book a hotel yourself.

Know your restaurants

This is a business trip so chances are you’ll be eating alone for its majority. Before you head off on your mini adventure, be sure to google places that are great to eat in the local area. If you’re vegan or vegetarian, The Happy Cow app is the ideal travelling companion, providing you with an array of eateries and full menus.

Eating alone can also be a self-conscious experience, so try to find somewhere that’s not too busy. That way, you can enjoy your meal without any worry.