How to keep your brand accessible online in a saturated market

Consumer brands are fighting for space in the digital market now more than ever, so it’s imperative to keep yourself creative, fresh and innovative if you want to stay on top of your sector and be recognised as a leading brand.

Premium fashion wholesale retailer BGirl Fashion has shared the key ways to keep your brand accessible to customers in an already heavily saturated market.

brand accessible

1. Be visible

Make sure your brand presence is strong across multiple digital platforms including a website, blog and social. It is crucial to keep your tone of voice and image consistent across your digital media platforms so your audience can easily define and recognise you. It’s important for your brand to have high quality visual marketing with consistent hashtags, colours and branding to further enhance your online presence. With 78% of shoppers now buying online compared to just 53% in 2008, and studies showing that social posts with images are proven to get 94% more views than those with only text, it only enhances the need for you to invest in your brand’s online presence in order to drive sales and make your brand accessible.

2. Be present

Regularly uploading to social media platforms is now a necessity as more brands are posting, sharing and live streaming new launches and brand updates to stay in the forefront of their audience’s minds. It is important to be available for customers to interact with you online, so it is worth investing in a social media and content marketing team if you haven’t already done so, as this will improve your brand visibility and consumer awareness, and with your competitors online, it is integral in order to driving profit.

3. Be consistent

Customers drive sales, so for you to build your customer base, be consistent in conversation and interactions on social media, because keeping your audience happy with your brand keeps your engagement positive. If you don’t respond to follower queries or interact with your audience when they create conversation on your page, it can make you appear two dimensional and cause your brand to lose credibility, which will encourage your customers to shop with your competitors who will deliver better customer relations for an enhanced user experience.

4. Be user-friendly

Simply put, make your website clean and easy to use. If a website has a confusing order and checkout process, it is easy to lose custom and profit due to an error that can be easily fixed. It is important that your audience and customers can be guaranteed easy access to your digital platforms amongst the noise of your sector. If your sales are decreasing, your website could be the issue. It is important to gain feedback from users and follow up by investing in a developer to fix minor errors that are causing your customers major issues making your brand accessible online.

5. Be evolving

Be ready to change to fit the market, trends and your audience’s needs. Keep an eye on your competitor’s strategy and social movements – be sure to utilise the media that your audience is using: is there a new app or tool that your consumers are moving towards? With the rise of brands covering the likes of Snapchat, Instagram and many other social media, make sure you’re not the only brand to not take advantage of a new marketing opportunity.