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Technology: The scary side of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence or AI, in short, can be said to be one of the best things ever invented.

We have Alexa to help us with our Amazon shopping. We have Google Assistant, a handy assistant for all devices Android. Siri on Apple who is always a listening ear and Cortana in Windows awaiting your next command. But these are not all the AI systems we have, there have been more, who is a bit scary and you have you second-guessing artificial intelligence. So just spare us a few minutes from your favourite best casino online games and allow us to tell, you about them.

scary artificial intelligence

Scary artificial intelligence created

The Facebook chatbots

In 2017 our ever-innovative Facebook saw it good to create a pair of Facebook chatbots. And by a pair, we mean just two cute little bots, whom we all thought would be harmless. And everything was fine until the chatbots started communicating in a language that only they could understand. The was really scary for the Facebook team as even their own creators could no longer understand them. And as a result, they just had to shut them down.

Fake news writer

Most of the jokes that we have come from fake news. And so naturally it was no shock when Elon Musk created an AI that could create fake news. This AI was so good that not even the best at news could tell the stories were fake. But there was one tiny glitch with this, it could do a whole lot of harm than good. And to add on to that, it was Open Source, meaning to say anyone could get their hands on it. Realizing the potential that came with such an AI, it was laid to rest and never released to the public.


In 2016, a robot humanoid AI called Sophia was created. And people were excited about meeting their first robot. So, they had an interview with her. And because the human is curios, she asked what she would do if she had a chance to destroy the humans, just like usa sports betting sites. And Miss Sophia said she would kill human beings. We are not sure about you, but a robot saying that said she will kill humans seems a bit scary to us.