The 5 most common mistakes in social media marketing

Social media marketing forms a vital part of any serious marketing strategy in today’s world, but it is still something that many people feel uncertain about, and an arena in which it is easy to make embarrassing mistakes.

In some cases, a big enough mistake can mean disaster for your brand, so it is worth looking out for these top five social media marketing mistakes.

social media marketing mistakes

Don’t over-generalise your posts

When creating a social media marketing account, you want to balance an approachable manner with a clear focus on the product that is being marketed. Keep your posts specific to the relevant parts of the internet where you can be sure you are not confusing your brand image with irrelevant off-topic subject matter. You should try to avoid reaching out towards specific events which do not have any bearing on your business. If your business has no relation to books it is probably not worthwhile having a statement for World Book Day unless it is a good fit for what your intended audience will be thinking about.

Don’t spam trends

Trends on the internet are always rising and falling. The list of forgotten memes is now a mile long, and while many companies such as Wendy’s can make a successful reputation engaging with the latest ebbs and flows of internet humour, do not try tying your brand’s reputation to any one trend. Like all trends it will pass soon, and you don’t want to be left high and dry when the internet’s short attention span turns somewhere else.

Don’t ignore the opportunities that influencers can present

The idea of online influencers can seem irrelevant, but with 70% of 16-30-year olds using add blockers, they can often be one of the only ways to reach a huge section of your potential audience. Influencer marketing agency Socially Powerful can offer advice and endorsements for any product from a range of the best influencers for your particular brand, to ensure that your product reaches the market that you want, in a way that will engage them.

Don’t fail to use a social media calendar

Social media marketing is not something you should jump into unplanned every day. Having a social media calendar where you make a list of the dates and events coming up and plan your posts ahead of time to always have something relevant planned can take a weight off your shoulders and save a lot of time for your social media strategy. Make sure to comment on all events through the year that are directly relevant to your brand and related industry.

Don’t be afraid to mix planned calendar posts with trend-based content

While having your social media calendar sorted ahead of time is hugely beneficial, do not be afraid when you see a new trend emerging, to take a short while to do some research and then post about it. If one of your brand key words is trending and you are not sure why, always take time to Google it, and see whether something else is happening with no relation before posting about it, to avoid an embarrassing mistake.