How trade shows can benefit your business this year

There are many ways that you can market your business this year by attending business exhibitions.

Attending these events can help people discover your company, increase your sales leads and also help you find out more about similar companies. Whether you choose a small venue or a large one, there are plenty of exhibition venues in the UK that you can attend each year. Excel London and the Exhibition Centre Liverpool are just some top exciting venues for trade shows that you can visit.

trade shows

If you’re unsure about how business trade shows can help your company, then take a look at these great trade show benefits:

Developing your brand awareness & reach

With trade shows, businesses can reach a wider audience as people come from all over the world to attend trade shows. Using relevant hashtags, live-tweets, and even live-streaming the event can help your business increase their visibility online. Posting in advance of the trade show can also help people know that you are going to be attending.

Attending a business trade show can be a big investment for your company as a lot of time and money can go into it. But how do you know whether your investment was successful? There are many objectives for trade shows such as, to generate more sales and to build brand awareness that can help you successfully measure trade show ROI.

Customer acquisition & prospect development

One of the main aims for businesses at trade shows are to gain more customers and prospects at the event. This can be easily done at trade shows where your employees can engage and interact with people attending. Trade shows are a perfect opportunity for businesses to gain new leads, new contacts, and turn them into potential customers with follow-up calls or emails after the event.

To help develop your trade show prospects, it is important to have a timely follow-up on these leads to ensure that you can establish a good relationship with the potential customer. Taking a prospects contact details at an event will enable you to easily contact them and provide them with any relevant information after your initial meeting.

Professional networking: Gaining new contacts

Even though trade show events are usually to gain new customers for your business, they are also a great opportunity for you to build up your professional network too. As trade shows will have plenty of business owners attending, this could be a chance for you to visit other company stands to establish a relationship with them and ask any questions. Take your time to browse other exhibitor stands to gain some inspiration and meet new people. 

It can also be useful to take along a business card with you to hand out to any other professionals who you might want to connect with. After the event, you can easily develop a relationship with your new contacts by connecting with them on social media. Many business professionals are especially active on LinkedIn, where you can easily add them. LinkedIn has plenty of features that can help you start conversations and build a community online. Getting involved in conversations with other business professionals during and after events can help you gain more exposure and inform others about what your business offers.