Impact of digitization and architecture on facilities management

Will your HR department lead the way for digitization only to be replaced by the process? Not exactly.

The digitization process will free up your overworked HR department so they can face new challenges in recruiting, retaining, and representing the changing workplace.

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How collaboration software will streamline HR

New collaboration software will enable your employees to find more information by themselves. Instead of contacting HR to ask about benefits, your employee will know that the data is readily available from the company’s intranet.

Instead of wondering what training materials they still need to complete, your new employees will be able to see their to-do list at a glance. Your HR department will no longer need to send harassing emails to complete training or sign off on policies. 

Your HR department won’t need to spend countless hours making sure that every employee has signed off on new company policies. They will be able to spend more time on recruiting top-notch candidates to apply for jobs. 

New look for your HR department

First off, even if your company purchases new collaboration software, that does not mean your HR department will no longer be needed. It will take a staff of people to make sure that the software has the most current information for your employees after digitization. That task will fall to your existing HR department. You aren’t removing any tasks from their plate, but you are making the information more readily accessible to your staff.

The look of your HR department will change no matter if your company purchases collaboration software or not. Your workplace will change as the older generation retires. Since the next generation is smaller in number, there may be a gap between workforce supply and demand. 

This new workforce will have a different set of demands. Your HR department will have to wade through issues surrounding remote workplaces and flexible hours. Your new employees will want and expect personal development opportunities and workplace community experiences. 

Instead of answering questions regarding which dentist works within your insurance provider’s network, your HR department will find ways to increase the engagement rate of the staff. They will know that an engaged employee is one that will be retained. And with the high cost of hiring and training new staff, you want your current employees to be satisfied.

Your new and improved HR department will also have more time to focus on employee recognition and rewards. Using their new collaboration software, the HR department can share this recognition company-wide. Since a recognized and awarded employee is an engaged employee, this practice will also help in employee retention. 

Your new HR department will also have more time to act as advocates for your employees. Even though HR employees have had a bad reputation in the past (such as Toby from The Office), your new HR department will have more time to act as the employee’s friend. 

Besides being the employee’s friend, your new HR department will also have more time to oversee your company’s best interests too. As the government increases more oversight on cybersecurity and employment regulations, your HR department will keep everyone in the loop regarding new rules and laws. 

What the new digital workplace will look like

Your HR department is not the only one that will be changing with the purchase of collaboration software. With one log-in and password, your employees will have access to their communication tools, scheduling software, and company directory and org charts. Besides having access to benefit information and PTO forms, they will also have a chance to read blogs and articles relating to their jobs and industry. By logging into this software, they will find their workplace documents and calendar. They will even have a place to share professional and personal milestones. 

Now, you will be able to answer with confidence that your employees will enjoy a more efficient and stress-free environment with increased communication opportunities and fewer technical problems after digitization.