Instagram mistakes that businesses must avoid for success

Instagram boasts of over 1 billion monthly active users and has become an effective marketing platform for businesses. It is of pivotal importance and must not be undermined if you want your brand promotion and marketing plan to succeed. If you leverage the power and versatility of Instagram, you could take your business to the next level.

Instagram is certainly not a very easy proposition. However, some businesses are effectively nailing it and successfully driving remarkable sales via Instagram. While others are struggling to establish a niche for their company and making Instagram mistakes as the Instagram landscape is fiercely competitive. 

Instagram mistakes

With over 25 million Instagram business profiles and more than 200 million users visiting a minimum of one business profile every day, Instagram is certainly not so easy or simple for businesses to master. It could be pretty exasperating and disappointing too to grab the attention of distracted users. Instagram growth agencies come highly recommended if you want to turbocharge your engagement and growth.

Keep in mind that several brands or businesses are making some unpardonable Instagram mistakes are adversely impacting your chances of boosting growth and gaining popularity and success for your organization. Here are some of the most common Instagram mistakes committed by businesses and they must be careful of staying away from making these mistakes.

Mistake: Not making your Instagram feed shoppable

As per Entrepreneur, one of the greatest irritations for businesses previously was that Instagram as an active social media platform did not allow users to post any clickable links to pictures of products that came in the newsfeed. However, now some effective and novel tools such as product tagging have been introduced to make it easier and seamless for retailers to effortlessly sell their products and for customers to easily purchase the products they want. For instance, was the first-ever eCommerce platform that allowed retailers to directly send their customers straight away to the website product page from an Instagram picture or post.

Mistake: Lack of proper engagement

You make the mistake of rushing to post on your Instagram account without thinking much about the creative perspective. You simply cannot hope to see some magic happening. You cannot become popular unless your post is creative enough and contains features that take your business to the next level. You cannot expect your target audience to connect or engage with you seamlessly if you do not provide the right and relevant information in your Instagram posts.

You simply cannot post and do nothing about it. Do not share a picture of your product on your Instagram’s business account and shut it out from your mind. You simply cannot make this mistake. You must start liking the comments and responding to those comments. You have to necessarily go all out to connect and engage meaningfully with other Instagrammers particularly the people who are having a common interest with specifically your brand. Your comments must be precise and customized in such a manner that you could flawlessly strike up a conversation. You must avoid putting in some generic comments. Instead, you could ask or respond to a question. You must not use generic comments. You must evoke interest in your customers about your products. Now you could gain automatic IG likes by seeking professional assistance from a reputed and trustworthy digital marketing company.

Mistake: Incorrect use of hashtags

Hashtags are supposed to be an integral part of your Instagram marketing stratagem. They could be a fantastic way of boosting your overall reach in your niche and for getting discovered effectively by fans and customers who are hugely interested in your services, and products, and primarily your content. Hashtags could be a wonderful way of boosting your overall reach to other persons in your niche. You require being identified for boosting your overall online presence and reach. Hashtags are a great way for brands to get discovered by fans and customers who are quite interested in your Instagram content, services, and products.

If you want your business to prosper, you need to use effective hashtags and you must do it properly. You simply cannot make the mistake of utilizing excessive hashtags that could leave a damaging impact on your account. You must keep track of how the hashtags are performing to note which hashtags are resonating more with your target audience and trigger increased engagement. Then you must consider documenting those characteristics for detailing your unique hashtag mix stratagem for some of your future posts.

Even though hashtags are the best way of getting discovered, you do not have to put too much attention on them. Instagram gives more priority to excellent content over the choice of hashtags. Use relevant hashtags sparingly. Consider creating branded hashtags for reaching all-new audiences and striking up a conversation.

Mistake: Excessive self-promotion

Instagram is supposed to be a highly interactive social media platform. However, excessive self-promotion could be pretty anti-interactive. It would send the message across that you are desperate. Even though there could be numerous amazing stories to share on Instagram about your business, you must seriously resist the temptation to tell all of them in one go. When somebody comes across five pictures consecutively from a single Instagram account, it could prove to be a huge turnoff.

When did you last share some funny or unusual content? If you cannot remember when it is high time you realized that you must stop self-promotion since you are suffocating your target audience with boring stuff. Do not overdo. You need to be subtle when you intend to do self-promotion. Moreover, if you are having a huge amount of content to share, you could make the most of interactive story features like Instagram Stories, AMA or Ask Me Anything, or Go Live, features.

Mistake: You are not taking the maximum advantage of Instagram Stories

You are not using Instagram Stories adequately. While building on Stories several businesses often ignore using Instagram Stories, even though it is an exceptional feature and an amazing channel for boosting engagement with your target audience and potential customers and gain new followers.

It is not mandatory to rely completely on live videos. You could use stills and go about creating text pages for generating a story. Consider using tags for making the story relevant. Instagram Stories should be used for demonstrating brand personality, expressing love to your ambassadors and followers and for generating content that is in great demand so that people keep coming back to you.


If you follow the right path, you could come up with a massive, robust, and loyal Instagram community for helping you in growing your small business or boosting your brand’s overall online presence. Avoid committing the Instagram mistakes we have discussed in this article. When you consciously steer clear of these Instagram mistakes commonly made by businesses, things could work for you on Instagram.

Karen is a business tech analyst. She is very responsible towards her job. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with her friends and colleagues.