10 beautiful invoice templates for graphic designers

Invoicing is widely regarded as a chore rather than something to look forward to. And why shouldn’t it be? Generally speaking, most people are used to creating boring, difficult to read invoices on Microsoft Excel. No one enjoys creating or looking at these.

As a graphic designer however, invoices present an excellent branding opportunity. After all, graphic designers are meant to make anything look visually appealing, so why can’t the same apply to invoices? This can be easily done with graphic design invoice templates.

invoice templates

What’s more, you really shouldn’t take invoicing for granted as a designer. Good clients will look at everything you present to them with great scrutiny for how the item looks visually. So your email signatures, invoices, business cards, portfolio website should all look impeccable. Which is why you need invoice templates.

But I don’t have time to design invoice templates…

We understand that coming up with ideas about beautiful invoices can be a bit tedious, but don’t worry. In this post we’ll be looking at 10 beautiful invoice templates for graphic designers to take design inspiration from. 

And even if you’re on a tight schedule and can’t make time to create these beautiful invoice designs from scratch – good news – you don’t have to! That’s because there are some great free invoices in the shape of readymade templates already available on the web that you can modify and send to your clients swiftly. They’re professionally made by accountants and you won’t need to spend time thinking about all the technical details!

1. SilverPeak

SilverPeak is a great example of how minimal, information-rich yet visually appealing an invoice template can look. The designer has used only a handful of colors, but the overall look really comes together as highly professional and refined. 

The designer has also focused on the technical stuff, such as including payment terms and conditions on the front of the invoice, as well as all relevant contact details. If you’re a fan of minimalist design, you’ll love this. 

2. Imbue

Imbue is an invoice template for designers who want to be known as bold, colorful and creative. The designer of this invoice doesn’t shy away from liberal use of color, and yet the overall design does not look tacky. In fact, we think it looks rather good and despite its colorful appearance, still manages to convey professionalism. 

The only thing we would suggest for you to add to this design is a section for terms and conditions on the front. Other than that, Imbue is a great looking invoice template.

3. Maaemo Folded Invoice

Fans of extremely minimalist designs will love the Maaemo Folded Invoice. That’s because the designer has used only two colors for it, and yet it looks far from boring or uninviting to read like many monotone invoices do. 

The designer has used negative space cleverly, to give the invoice an inviting appearance. For some people it might be a little hard to read because of the relatively dark background, but we still think this is a great design to take inspiration from. 

4. Baselime Invoice

Going for a more stylish look with your invoices? Then look no further than the Baselime Invoice template. The overall appearance is quite stylish, even through the use of relatively muted colors. 

What’s more, the text legibility of this invoice is excellent, so your clients will not have any trouble deciphering it. And even though the invoice looks stylish, it does not look by any means unprofessional. Again, there is always room for improvement and we’re sure talented designers can come up with something better using this as a baseline.  

5. Invoice by Kevin Luong

For those who’re looking to get even more creative and a bit ‘over the top’ with their invoices, this template by Kevin Luong should serve as great inspiration. It features a bold design with certain creative elements to get a chuckle out of your clients. 

You don’t necessarily have to include a caricature of yourself in the invoice, but you get the idea. The theme of this template is light-hearted and if that’s the kind of effect you want from your invoices, feel free to use this as inspiration!

6. Design by Jonathan Shackleton

Another great minimalist invoice template, this invoice by Jonathan Shackleton looks very professional but maintains an eye catching look. The use of playful colors in the borders gives it a distinct look, while wide-spaced fonts make it easy to read for clients and customers. 

The design is also accompanied by a cover letter, so if you have special instructions for the client you can use the design for that as well. And don’t forget to include the payment terms and conditions, which this design covers.

7. Design by Breanna Rose

This invoice template design by Breanna Rose looks really interesting, and nothing like the designs we’ve seen before. The designer has made it a point to make use of horizontal space more with this, and that’s what lends it a distinctive look as well.

We think designers should take cues from this template if they’re looking to capture the client’s attention and even impress them. And it’s not like the invoice looks jumbled, the text is perfectly legible and if you use negative space judiciously like Breanna has, the result should be a great looking invoice. 

8. Green Energy

Really looking to catch your client’s attention? Then take a deep look at the Green Energy invoice template, as that’s exactly what it was made for. The design makes use of bold colors but does not look tacky. In fact, the overall impression of the design is quite positive, as the designer has gotten creative in the way information is conveyed. 

All the important technical aspects of an invoice are present in this invoice, but presented in a manner that’s supposed to capture maximum attention. This is a clean, professional and made-to-impress invoice. Highly recommended. 

9. Simple Invoice

Going for a simple yet good looking aesthetic? Then consider this simple invoice design that is meant to be easy to read with big line items and clearly delivered information. The overall impression of the invoice is professional without looking like another drab design. 

10. Mikleo

Mikleo is a great example of minimalist invoice design done right. The designer has gone for plenty of negative space, and perhaps this invoice favors form a little more than function, but that’s often not such a bad thing in graphics design.

If you want to make a statement about your commitment to design in front of your clients, Mikleo is a great design to take inspiration from. Of course, there is a lot of room for playing around with this design, as you might need space for more line items than what the template image shows. 

But really, this is no big deal for a talented designer. As a designer, you just need inspiration and not a finished design. 

Final thoughts

Hopefully after looking at the invoice designs mentioned in this post, you’ll change your mind about what an invoice should look like. Most freelancers and small businesses do not give much thought to their invoices, but they’re missing out on a great opportunity to make a statement. 

Even bigger businesses fall prey to the habit of casually sending illegible, drab-looking invoices that make a negative impression in front of clients. Take this as an opportunity to use invoice templates to show off your creative talents, and to really cement your standing as a designer who has to be taken seriously.

Not only do good looking invoices stand out, but they’re also more likely to be paid than invoices that look ugly and uninviting.