3 ways to charm online customers

In principle, selling products and services online is similar to working from a physical store – you’ve got to differentiate yourself from the competition, develop a USP (Unique Selling Proposition), stock quality products and ensure prices are competitive.

However, the one element that it’s tough to transpose to the digital domain is the human touch. You might be in a position when you never meet most or all of your customers in person, yet if you want to build brand loyalty, you’ll have to formulate savvy communication strategies so that you inspire confidence and charm customers nonetheless.

charm customers online

With that in mind, here are three ways to charm online customers.

1. Amplify your About Us page

Your website’s About Us page is often neglected in favor of home pages and landing pages for products, services and case studies.

Yet this is one of the first places customers looking for a long-term relationship scan, because it should contain slightly more personal information about your background, your business reason for being, your values and mission.

So convey these facts by using the right tone of voice, images and interactive elements in order to establish emotional engagement with potential customers – take a look at this Search Engine Journal article on About Us Pages for inspiration.

2. Boost your brand with a blog

One of the best ways to inject personality in your website and increase customer engagement is by regularly publishing a business blog.

Your blog can contain a mix of industry news, evergreen articles (on topics that don’t need constantly updated) and timely articles about the latest happenings in your firm, neighborhood and sector.

You might also choose to diversify your blog content with articles on other subjects you’re passionate about, from charities to sports and everything in between.

As well as humanising your brand, blogs also have great SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) value – according to SEO Tribunal, companies who blog receive 97 per cent more website links.

3. Get close to customers on social media

Social media now offers an unprecedented opportunity to converse with customers much more closely than ever before, but you need to be sure that your messaging remains respectful and adheres to the conversational conventions of each platform.

You’ll also need to focus your social efforts on the platforms where your potential customers actually gather – for instance, if your target demographic is younger people, you might get more traction on Instagram than Facebook nowadays.

As well as producing organic content for social platforms, such as videos, graphics and blogs, you can also pay for adverts which might help you gain more exposure.

If you’re new to all of the above, it might be worth working with experts like Greedier Social Media to get started on the right track – this way, you can be sure to get the highest return on your investment.

Follow our hattrick of tips and you’ll charm customers on the internet and attract them like bees to honey. You can thank us later!