What are the benefits of fleet tracking?

Fleet tracking is a vehicle management system used by many companies, whether they have 2 vehicles or 200.

Fleet tracking uses GPS tracking to monitor vehicle and driver activity 24/7 in “real-time” or via providing reports offline. The security and data it provides can be invaluable in fleet management, as it can be used to plan logistics, ensure safety regulations are adhered to, and also identify ways that costs can be cut by driving more efficiently.

fleet tracking

Fleet trackers are mainly used by businesses who own a fleet of vehicles that perform many different driving routes (think taxis, delivery depots or salesmen covering the country) but tracking is also used by other companies due to the many benefits offered.

The benefits of fleet tracking


Security is probably not the first advantage many people think of, but tracking literally watches the vehicle it is placed in, meaning that it works well as an anti-theft device. This means that alerts and notifications can be sent whenever suspicious behaviour occurs; allowing the police to be notified and the vehicle quickly recovered. Fleet tracking also enables you to keep an eye on legitimate driver activity – ensuring they are driving the routes they are supposed to be driving and not making any unauthorised stops.


Diving efficiently is the main objective of many businesses in order to carry out the maximum of work for the minimum of cost. Thanks to the information provided by tracking on fuel consumption and driving habits, businesses can benefit from better fuel management, eliminate unwanted behaviour such as speeding and better manage idle and maintenance time. As well as this, it allows fleet managers to plot the most efficient routes. This all adds up to big savings on time and fuel as well as wear and tear on individual vehicles.

Fuel savings

Tracking enables you to keep a close eye on fuel expenditure and cut costs where indicated. Many fuel cards also come with analytics that can be combined with tracking data to make the most savings possible without hindering the quality and effectiveness of your fleet services.

Insurance savings

Most insurance providers will also offer lower premiums where trackers are in use due to the increased vehicle security that they offer.

Safer driving

Thanks to vehicle tracking systems and the real-time data they provide, it is possible to reroute to avoid problems on the way. Fleet tracking helps to avoid accidents, congestion and traffic jams, thereby increasing safety for all drivers on the road. Vehicle tracking systems offer the benefit of better employee management due to the monitoring of driver behaviour too. Driving performance can be monitored and the information used to improve driver training and general road and public safety.

Improved administration

Because of the automated features of fleet tracking, time saved on administration can be used for other processes that need more attention, thus increasing company efficiency.

Improved time management

Time equals money and one thing that fleet tracking does is save time. If you add together the time saved on driving routes, the time saved due to more efficient driving habits, the time saved on possible misuse or theft of a vehicle and the time saved on administration – this equals a large proportion of time which could equal a large amount of money saved for the company.

Low short term cost for long term cost-effective savings

The cost investment for fleet trackers is comparatively inexpensive in the short-term and they quickly pay for themselves in the savings they make for your business.

Versatility of use

Trackers can be swapped between vehicles to suit the specific needs of the company that is utilising them.

Maximum customer satisfaction

When trackers are used in a delivery depot; your customers could have the option of checking online to follow their driver’s route, stops and arrival time of their parcel – this is great for enhancing your company’s reputation and ensuring that your customers receive the best service available.

Now you’re aware of the benefits of fleet tracking, you may now be able to capitalise on their services, meaning you could spend a little and save a lot to improve your fleet efficiency by employing a fleet tracking system!