How to start a t shirt business online from scratch?

If like many you are a budding entrepreneur looking for a gap in the market or an industry niche to move into and capitalise, then an online t shirt business could satisfy your entrepreneurial itch.

So, read on for three top tips on how to start your own t shirt business.

t shirt business


Carrying out a research piece in the early stages could prove invaluable to your business as you will be able highlight industry trends, seasonality and the competition you are going to be facing. It will also enable you to make decisions based on data and analysis which can be the key to success for a fledgling business.

A background knowledge of how your business will run will also prove to be a valuable asset as things start to pick up. Knowing the logistics of the supply chain at each stage will give you an advantage as these will be costs that start to mount up as you expand, so being able to manage these overheads can be a benefit in the long run.

Value proposition

Your value proposition is the most crucial part of your marketing message as it tells your customers why they should buy from you and what makes you stand out amongst your competitors. Understanding value proposition, along with what works and what doesn’t work, can help you with your marketing. Antavo has analysed 20 major companies and broken down how each one works.

You are entering an already saturated and well-developed market, but don’t let that put you off as the hard work you put in will pay off. In order for your business to stand out amongst the noise of your competition you need to work on your value proposition to differentiate your business to build and maintain momentum.

Once you have developed a customer base you need to keep them coming back which requires creating a loyal customer base. Having a value proposition that fits in with the customers.


The difference between a good design and a bad one could be the difference between dominating the market or falling at the first hurdle. Researching what is and what is not currently available on the market will show if there are any opportunities, it could also highlight customer demand which has not been satisfied by other businesses.

Once you have your designs in mind it is time to digitally create them, don’t worry if you lack design software experience as printing companies such as Banana Moon offer online resources to help you in creating the perfect design!

That completes our rundown on how you can create a successful online clothing business, now it’s up to you to hone your skills and dominate the market!

Don’t forget, you must continually revisit each step mentioned above to ensure your business is on the right track, doesn’t become stagnant or fails to keep up with the competition as the first years of your business will be make or break.