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Why online gambling is gaining popularity in the UK

Online gambling, casino and sports betting in particular, is a trend that’s catching momentum in the UK. Ever since the first online casino started accepting real money bets approximately 30 years ago, online casinos have become increasingly popular. 

In the last decade that sports betting sites and online casinos have become a socially accepted form of entertainment. There are several reasons for the shift, with the most obvious ones being the more advanced payment solutions and mobile play. Perhaps more importantly, several European countries, like the UK, have started regulating online gambling, thus increasing transparency and trust.

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The UK has one of the strictest regulating bodies on online gambling

The UK Gambling Commission is known to be one of Europe’s most stringent regulating bodies, and that instils a sense of trust in players. Nowadays, casino enthusiasts from the UK can place their bets with well-established and regulated gambling sites, that offer their services under a British license. The best way to choose a site is to go to reputable comparison sites like betpal.com, where you can find all information about latest casino bonuses , new promotion as well as you can see all the terms and conditions straightaway. Sites like betpal.com are trying to establish the trust with punters and build long term relationship. This is changing industry standards and the days where you’d have to sign up at a shady site operating outside of European jurisdiction, hoping that your money and details are safe, are long-gone. 

One especially important aspect of the Gambling Commission’s work is its efforts to ensure that operators adhere to the strict policies that apply to responsible gaming and data protection.

Mobile-play has changed everything

When casinos and game developers started adapting their products to mobile devices, the whole business to a giant leap forward. Giving players access to top-notch games via their mobile phones and tablets proved to be the right way to go. We started seeing the first mobile sites around 2012, and almost a decade later a large percentage of players visit their favourite casinos and betting sites from their mobiles. 

Game developers have adapted and ditched Flash. Instead, today’s video slots are made in HTML5, making them load much quicker and run smoother on any mobile device. Furthermore, many large operators have created tailor-made apps that make the gaming experience on mobile even greater. Mobile play is especially attractive in sports betting, due to the fact you can bet live on a wide range of markets. With a few clicks, you can quickly place a bet on an on-going match wherever you are. 

Gamification and social media

Many gambling sites have started paying close attention to the social aspect of gambling. Gamification is the latest trend and going forward we’re likely to see plenty of new innovative features from leading operators in the business. 

Adventure casinos became an overnight success when they started popping up ten years ago, and it seems we’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible. Today, you find operators that let you share your results on social media and battle against other players in real-time as you play your favourite slots. Some casinos even let you create and style avatars, thus creating a captivating narrative that runs parallel to your gameplay.

When you put all these factors together, you quickly start seeing the bigger picture – online gambling is no longer an entertainment form that carries a social stigma in the UK and only appeals to daredevils, but rather a mainstream form of entertainment that’s here to stay.