Will the popularity of online gambling still be on the rise?

Gambling has been on a steady upward curve since it became a legal form of entertainment throughout the globe.

Today the online gambling industry is worth billions and there appears to be no ceiling on where the industry could go. Up, up and away, expect the online gambling industry to keep getting bigger and keep flexing its muscles, increasing in popularity.

online gambling

Why is gambling so big today?

Gambling didn’t get to where it is by magic or by a lucky spin. Naturally, it is a form of entertainment that many of us enjoy with thrills along the way and unique games. Casinos work hard to keep improving the gambling experience. In fact they have been constantly updating their gaming arsenal and level of service for years. Yet, aside from the casinos themselves, other events and inventions have enabled gambling to grow as an industry, including:

  • The spread of the internet widens the market.
  • Appealing promotions and better advertising techniques.
  • Mobile apps and smartphones increase accessibility.
  • Advancing technology that creates better games and slots.
  • House edge always means the casino wins in the long run (against the whole market, not individual players).

These are some of the key ways that have helped the gambling industry to grow. No doubt there are many more, but there are also new emerging ways that mean it will continue to grow.

Why the gambling industry is set for even more success

There are many reasons to believe the industry will keep growing. For one, if it has steadily grown over many years there is nothing to suggest that will level out, especially with growing populations. Nevertheless, there are some more specific reasons why gambling will continue to prosper, such as:

1. Crypto regulations

Crypto casinos already exist and crypto payments can be done in exchange for fiat currencies at a lot of online casinos. However, crypto is in the process of being regulated around the world from the EU to South America. This means more gambling companies will be open to using crypto – and more crypto enthusiasts will be open to a flutter.

2. 5G technology

Smarter cities are going to be made possible through the implementation of 5G technologies. Quicker download speeds are going to make gambling from an app even quicker with better graphics. With improved gaming experiences on the move, you can expect more online casino members.

3. Fewer restrictions

Sweden is one country that has recently thrown the gambling rulebook out the window. Their new gambling laws as of January 1st 2019, state that commercial gambling is now welcome in the country. As gambling becomes less restricted and less ran by the state only, you should expect more locals of these territories to star gambling frequently.

The future certainly appears bright for everyone involved with online gambling, casinos and players alike, increasing in popularity!