Estimating the costs and time of developing a dating app for your startup

Apps are being produced on a daily basis, and more and more apps are beginning to follow a similar paradigm: the Tinder paradigm. Although Tinder has a particular reputation, it is considered an ideal app because its function is relatively organized, it has a clean and clear interface, and it is relatively popular.

Are you consider or looking to develop a dating app like Tinder? Not every Tinder like app cost is the same. No two apps have the same features, and you can mix and match whatever fits your vision. Here are some of the costs associated:

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The cost of login and registration features

There are numerous features associated with the login and registration functions of an app. It is not just a straight line, but a tree that expands to incorporate any facets. Each screen and facet takes its own time and budget to develop.

The average time to develop a Login Screen is about 8 hours, and assuming that the programmer or designed functions at about $35 per hour that equates to about $280. Integrating the Sign-up and Login Screen with Facebook or via smartphone can take anywhere between 18 and 26 hours, which equates to anywhere between $630 and $910. Of course, these numbers are a rough estimate and can be changed based on specific features that you would like added or removed.

The cost of user accounts and setting

The average price of constructing a user account and setting page is usually around double the price of setting up login and registration features. Creating a customizable profile page and account section can take up to 64 hours total, and even more depending on what features you would like included. The back-end of edit profile pages, settings screens, and push notifications also generally take a bit of time to work on.

Out of all the aspects of the user accounts and settings features, the account screen and push notification screen generally, take the least amount of time. They average around 10 hours each, which can equate to about $350 if priced at $35 per hour of work. The edit profile and settings screen are much more intensive, both in their interface and back end. These can take around 22 hours, give or take a few depending on specific features.

Pricing the matches features

The most complicated part of creating a dating app like Tinder is creating the ability to find matches, calculate ideal matches, and consider potential matches. These functions require an incredibly complex mechanism and formal, which helps find people that fit your specific wants and needs and are simultaneously within your chosen location.

The matching feature is truly the meat and potatoes of a tinder-like app. It keeps the entire thing functioning and allows people to make accurate and probable matches based on their own profile and settings. Generally, the entire overall cost of creating a system that can form matches and allow you to chat once a match is made can take anywhere between 80 and 100 hours based on individual features and preferences.