How to transition back to a 9 to 5 after being an entrepreneur

No matter how glamorous it may look from the outside in, being an entrepreneur is not easy. And often, failing is part of the process. Not all business ideas work in practice, not all sectors stay hot forever, and in some cases, we realise that being an entrepreneur was just not for us.

However, there is still life beyond business, and it’s always possible to transition back to the workforce, as long as you’re physically able to do so. But you have to get yourself prepared mentally, and be prepared to go the grueling process of finding and getting a job.

transition backHere are a few tips for people trying to transition back to working as employees.

Consider the field you’re going to enter

If you’re going to be going back to work, then you may have huge gaps in your CV that you’ll have to explain. But know that you can also use your experience as an entrepreneur to get a job.

First, you have to make sure that your CV looks nice and presentable. If it’s been a while, you may have forgotten what a CV even looks like. One thing you could do is use a tool like LiveCareer. Not only will you be able to use one of their templates, but they also have a massive job bank you can browse to find a job in a field where you’ll be able to use your experience as an entrepreneur. If you want to learn more about LiveCareer and how it could help, you can visit

Be ready to address your transition

Know that you will have to address the transition during interviews, and that it can be a bit awkward depending on the case. If you were successful, then you can say that you missed working the floor or working in a managerial capacity. Some may feel that they can make more of a difference and have a bigger role as an executive of a large and prestigious company then as the captain of a smaller ship.

If you were unsuccessful however, you don’t need to be afraid. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. This could show that you had the guts and ambition to start something. You can also talk about the things you’ve learned in the process. Or you could stay that you just weren’t ready for how difficult it would be to run a business.

Get prepared mentally

Entrepreneurs often have a sadness or feel shame for not being able to succeed. But don’t let this be a roadblock. If you have to grieve, grieve. It’s perfectly fine. But know that you’ll have to get reacquainted to the 9 to 5 and everything that goes with it. Having to go back to a set routine and strict hours can be a challenge, but if you’ve done it before, chances are you’ll be able to do it again.


Getting back into the rat race is never easy. However, this is a great opportunity to bounce back and learn from your mistakes. This is also an opportunity to keep learning and increase your chances of succeeding the next time around.