An Artur Hochberg crypto trading strategies guide

There are several crypto trading and investment strategies that you can use to fatten up your crypto wallet.

Here are the best of them from Artur Hochberg.

Artur HochbergSince the inception of Bitcoin, the world’s first cryptocurrency, the digital currency market has blossomed. As of 2018, there were over 1500 altcoins in existence. The term ‘altcoin’ generally means ‘alternative to Bitcoin,’ a term that encompasses all other tokens designed since Satoshi Nakamoto released Bitcoin to the world.

Every single time a new token is released, it is most certainly touted as the next big thing to invest in since Bitcoin or Apple stocks. Blockchain technology and digital currencies are a new invention, and because of their rather technical technology, it is not easy to gauge which one of them is a worthy investment vehicle. Crypto trader Artur Hochberg says that an investor in digital assets does not have to tie themselves down with one altcoin as an investment.

Crypto trading strategies that work by Artur Hochberg

ICOs and IEOs

Despite all the negativity that surrounds the initial coin offering model of crypto funding, Artur Hochberg believes that they are profits to be made. This is especially true, as the ICO evolves to the IEO. The initial exchange offering is touted as a safer investment model to the ICO. A crypto exchange supports the IEO model of crypto funding.

The digital assets exchange takes on the responsibility of vetting all token sales to protect the investor. A fraudulent IEO will, therefore, reflect poorly on the exchange’s reputation, costing it, its clientele. It is therefore beneficial to keep afoot of the happenings in the IEO industry if you want to invest in blockchain technology.

Crypto trading

The cryptocurrency market is known as the most volatile market on earth. Prices can rise and fall at a moment’s notice, which makes it very easy to make profits fast. Most crypto enthusiasts, advice that the best way to reap benefits from the market is to purchase the digital assets when their price is low.

Investors and traders tend to sell off these assets en masse when the prices take a sudden plunge. This is the best time to get onboard. It is, however, good practice to study the tokenomics of an asset. You also have to keep abreast of the happenings in the market. You do not want to invest in a digital currency whose blockchain has no real-world application.

Breakout trading

According to Artur Hochberg Malta, taking advantage of a breakout trend in a cryptocurrency can bring in massive profits. This trading strategy is undertaken by active day traders who study the markets keenly. These traders, therefore, get into the market at the initial stage of an upward trend. To partake of this type of trading strategy, you have to study digital currencies and identity their support and resistance areas. This data is useful and assists traders to predict upward or downward breaks. Whenever a token begins to trade above particular support, volatility ensues. This action implies that prices will begin to rise upward, and profits can be made.

The final word

You do not have to be a HODLer to make money off cryptocurrencies. Study the crypto trading strategies above for more significant investment profits.