6 essential website design tips for your business

More and more consumers are heading online when looking for products – so if you want your business to be visible to them, you need a website.

However, the internet is a fiercely competitive space, so a bog standard website won’t cut it. Your site needs to be top of the range, engaging and search engine friendly with excellent website design.

website designThese six superb website design tips will help give your business site a sharper competitive edge and help you soar in the digital domain.

1. Keep your homepage simple

When it comes to your homepage, less is more – be careful not to overwhelm your visitors with masses of text and visuals. Keeping things clear, concise and minimalist will make it easier for customers to make sense of your business and form an accurate first impression.

2. Use calls-to-action

A call-to-action (or CTA) is a statement designed to encourage someone to do something. You can use CTAs to help trigger the exact course of action that you want your website visitors to take – for example, to sign up to a free trial of your products. This article on marketing software site HubSpot has some excellent examples of CTAs, so take a look.

3. Make your site easy to navigate

Time is money, so make it as simple as possible for users to navigate your site and find what they’re looking for fast, otherwise they won’t stick around. A well-structured site is also easier for the search engines to index – another good reason to ensure that yours is straightforward and logical.

4. Use keyphrase-focused page headings

A keyphrase is basically the question a consumer might type into Google when searching for the information on your web page, for example, ‘what is web design?’. Keyphrases are an effective way of showing search engines the relevance of any given page on your website. Using descriptive key-phrase headings, supported by quality written content, will therefore help you to secure high rankings for your web pages.

5. Embrace whitespace

Don’t fall into the trap of trying to fill every bit of space on your website with content – a little bit of whitespace is okay. In fact, whitespace is an essential design element that helps your breakup the elements on a web page and increases readability. Not convinced? feast your eyes on these whitespace website examples on Impact.

6. Write customer-focused copy

Your website might well be a marketing tool for your business, but it’s also a platform for consumers to learn about your brand and its offering. So make sure that your copy is tailored towards your customers and talk directly to them by using the pronoun ‘you’ – this will help foster a close connection.

These tips should inspire you to start improving your business website. However, if you really want to take things to the next level, consider working with a web design agency such as Attercopia. This way, you’ll have web wizards on your side who’ll elevate your website to incredible new heights.