How to choose the best international moving company for your move to England

Read about the best ways to choose a good international moving company to help your move to England run as smoothly as possible.

Moving to another country can be such an adventure, but the process of moving is usually always stressful to some degree especially when you move internationally to England. Studies have actually shown that moving house is more stressful than starting a new job, a relationship breakdown, or even getting a divorce.

move to EnglandNothing can completely remove the stress for you, but there is a lot you can do to minimise how stressful your international move is. One effective way to do this is to hire an international moving company to help you when moving to England. They can take care of the logistics leaving you free to get yourself from A to B, and focus on the excitement of your new location.

Here are our top tips to help you choose the best international moving company for your move to England:

Start with word of mouth, follow up with some further research

Reputation is important when it comes to trusting a removals company to move your things from country to country. Ideally you’ll get a word of mouth recommendation but even if you do, or don’t, you still need to check out what people are saying about the company online. Check forums, review sites, social media and general searches to check out what people are saying. Even if somebody has a complaint, you can find out the most about the company from how the company respond to those complaints.

Book ahead

International moves, even when run by professional companies, involve a lot of complicated steps, so it pays to book ahead. In addition, you don’t want to have to panic book the companies nobody wants to hire because you’re working on a last minute schedule. Book ahead for overseas removals to get the company you want, and the amount of time you need to avoid being rushed.

Are they the right company for your needs?

Not every company can do everything you need, so it is important to check they can cater  for your specific moving needs. If you have complex or delicate items that need special consideration, or you need to collect from a specific port, or you need door to door removals, you will want to check with the company that they can offer those kinds of services.

Are they experienced?

Experience is something that factors as extremely important when it comes to international moving companies. You are paying for the company to expertly move your things from A to B, including through customs, so they should know everything about that side of things and how to get it done. They should be able to advise you on exactly what needs doing to avoid charges and any containment issues.

Always ask for a quote first

Don’t limit yourself to the first company you speak to because you have no way to compare. Instead, get a few quotes from different companies and look at the pros and cons of each. After talking to a couple of companies you should get a good idea of the kind of services on offer and how much things cost.

Choosing the right international moving services is really important if you want a move to England that is as minimally stressful as possible. Start looking early so you can take your time choosing. Soon enough you’ll be on your way to the green pastures of the UK with your belongings safely ahead or just behind you, ready to help you get settled straight in to your brand new life.