You and your business website: 5 ways to improve your website design

As a customer, when you visit the website of a company you’re looking to do business with, you get an almost instant impression of whether or not, you should go any further. This is because a company’s website is a gateway into how the company works, how professional it is and whether or not they’re reputable.

As a business, having a website that is user friendly, that communicates well without being overwhelming, stylish and ultimately, one that reflects your company’s ethos is imperative. Read on for 5 ways to improve your business website design. 

business website designBeware of plagiarism

Copyright infringement, also known as plagiarism, might seem harmless, but when you copy and paste content from other websites, blog posts or articles you’re actually breaking the law. You can check your website content using a free plagiarism checker. Not only does plagiarism mean breaking the law, but it also casts doubt on your company’s reputation and honesty. Something that is incredibly difficult to get back. Not only that but copied content doesn’t fare well with Google and you might find your website struggling to be seen in those all important search results. 

It needs to be error free

Poor grammar, bad syntax and cringeworthy spelling mistakes are all huge turn offs for any potential customer. After all, if a business can’t find the time or effort to proofread their website, then how do they find the time and effort to provide a positive customer experience? If you’re worried about spelling and grammar then help is at hand with online proofreading services available. 

Make it snappy

When someone logs onto a website, it takes around 8 seconds for them to make up their mind about it and potentially move on. So, you need to be clear, concise and get to the point with short snappy pieces of information. Clear headers, appropriate images that compliment your content and not long paragraphs that scroll on and on. When customers are looking to do business, they want to know if you have what they’re looking for as quickly as possible. If they have to search for the information then they’ll simply go elsewhere.

Add a blog 

Let your customers know that you’re not just a business, but real people who have something great to offer. A blog page detailing what your business is currently up to, what projects you’re working on or something more personal like a new addition to the family or how many years in business you’re celebrating is a great way to reach out and relate to your customers. It gives you a face. And makes you approachable. 

Include your social media buttons

Believe it or not, but in business social media is king. And if your business website doesn’t have links to your social media pages in the design, then you could be missing out on a lot of traffic. Make sure these icons are visible at the top and bottom of each pages and that the share button is easily found too. That way customers can share your amazing content with everyone they know.