Are wine coolers a smart buying choice for wine lovers

With the first fall of the autumn leaves, and the initial cool breeze that rings a bell for winters that are just around the corner.

When we talk of winters, we think of celebrations, friends and family, dinners & parties, and most of all entertainment at its peak. With entertainment comes serving your guests with the best Changyu, and with that one thinks of the best and most economical wine coolers or wine fridges. However, it is imperative to understand the difference between the two.

wine coolersDifference between a cooler & a fridge

Before one can go around breaking your back and wallet in pursuit of finding the best wine cooler or a fridge, it is only sensible to review the difference between a wine cooler and a fridge, and what fits your current need and requirement. 

Wine cooler

As the name suggests simply keep your wine cool and at a decent temperature without freezing the wine and affecting the taste of wine if kept for a very long period of time. Wine coolers, especially the dual temperature ones are not only cost-effective but also are the most ideal in temperature and humidity control, and are more stable to install independently or within a cooler case space. 

Wine refrigerator

Are huge in size, expensive along with a dynamic compressor technology. Though the technology is not similar in any case yet keeps the wine cold. 

Wine fridge

This tends to dry out things as it extracts moisture. For wine storage, it isn’t the best of ideas to spoil your expensive wine by overcooling it. 

Once a need is established, and you are aware of what your requirements would be like, and you know which product needs to be used, here are some of the best wine cooler and wine fridge reviews to consider before making your final purchase decision. This will also help you to establish what factors people consider while making a huge investment.

Though this debate of wine in a fridge or a refrigerator continues, one must always keep in mind that a fridge holds more chances of spoiling your wine, because of its high cooling temperature, which in turn becomes even more expensive as chances of wine getting spoilt are much higher. 

To buy or not to buy

So here is the real situation, where one needs to not only look at their pocket, but some might see this as an investment, or fulfilling a desire of a luxurious hobby, or an interest. Are you a collector? or would you like to pursue it in the near or long future? Have your taste buds taken a twist and you have started to enjoy the smell of old wine and taste with comfort food at home? 

Less expensive than a fridge

There is no doubt that a cooler is far cheaper and affordable by anyone than a fridge. Primarily, because it’s sole purpose is to keep the wine cool and not freeze it. Also, since the technology being used is simple and not huge. Here we can easily say that size really does matter when it comes to cost.

No doubt it is low maintenance

Not only are coolers more cost-effective, but they are also low maintenance, as the functionality of the cooler is much simpler. Whereas, fridges and cellars are not only more expensive but are also high maintenance due to their bulky outlook. 

We love mother Earth

There is no doubt that a cooler is much more environmentally friendly than a fridge, because of the use of a thermoelectric medium to cool, instead of a compressor, therefore, is able to save valuable energy. Also, while cooling the cooler does not emit any dangerous gasses which simply makes it more eco-friendly than other alternatives. 


Portability plays a very important factor while considering the purchase of a wine cooler or wine fridge. With wine coolers, since they come in free-standing sizes and type, they can easily be accommodated in a small office space a room, house or anywhere. Wine coolers are also available in much smaller and compact sizes than wine fridges. 


With portability comes, better storage alternatives, one of the primary factors for wine coolers to be gaining in popularity and an increase in sales. Because of their compact size, coolers, unlike fridges, can be installed inside a cabinet or a fridge shelves. Whereas, that cannot be done with a wine cooler as it needs to emit hot air through the compressor. 

Multiple uses

Because of the advantage that wine coolers enjoy of storage and portability, people have been keen to share some of their experiences of using it for not just storing wines, but also other beverages, food, fruits, and vegetable items. It is no doubt a convenient storage space that need not freeze what is kept in there, but rather keep it cool long enough for it to not get spoilt. 

Wine coolers can also be modified to become humidifiers, thus cleaning the room air that we breathe. 

It is certain that wine coolers are a much better investment and definitely not too harsh on the pocket as compared to buying a wine fridge or a refrigerator. 


As you must have read, not only are their multiple brands to consider before making a purchase, but also important for one to understand their own personal needs and requirements, other than cost and durability. What one needs to keep in mind is understanding your own needs and requirements, and then making the comparison whether a wine cooler or a wine fridge is the best buy for you, with keeping storage and budgets in mind.  

In the long run, it is feasible to buy or invest in a wine cooler or a fridge, simply because the temperature is what brings more taste and longevity along with the taste of the wines. At the end, the final call for a cooler as compared to a fridge is totally your call depending on your need to store numerous bottles and for how long.