Five great tips for budget business travel

We are here in the new age, where being in an office you can contact the world, you can see your potential partners or existing business compatriots right in front of you in full screen Ultra HD and it’s all real, right?

Of course it is but when you need to confirm that the deal you are making is for the product you are after and not a rusty old cage for squirrels. Then you have to get on that flight, get in that car, get on those trains and get there to see your new investment in person and doing it on a budget will make your business travel just a tad bit easier.

budget business travelSome tips that will ensure you won’t blow out that budget on unnecessary charges abroad during your business travel.

Take an unlocked phone

Take an unlocked phone with you, fair enough if your provider doesn’t charge you within the EU but if you are out of that zone then your bill will leave you telling your new investors ‘I’m sorry that’s as high as I can go, if you have to offer to someone else then, damn it!’

Get in good with the locals

Get in good with the locals, if you are visiting somewhere often then let the places that you would like to hold meetings in know in advance, they might even kick in a free coffee or a reduce rate on a hotel room if you keep popping back and learn their names so when you arrive late at night from a long haul flight you can say ‘Andre, I’m exhausted, if I’m not awake by 8am can you come knock on my door, please?’ this service sometimes can be a fiver or more but not if you’re in good with Andre….or whoever is at your chosen establishment.

Hire a car ahead of time

Booking a car ahead of time, this really seems like an obvious one so the details are best left to the professionals they operate on finding the best deals for you from all the different companies out there. Also depending on which region you head to they have already secured a fair fuel policy for you.

Get business card

Get a Revolut business card, they have had minor security issues in the past but it really is the best way to utilise your money without having to pay exorbitant fees to banks and currency exchanges that give you terrible rates.

Collect mileage

Collect mileage, if you’re flying with similar airlines all the time, possibly part of the Star Alliance or Skyteam then each trip you go on get you closer to a free flight, also who doesn’t love a trip to the exclusive lounge where they know your name and what you drink….well they do mine.

These are just a short amount of tips to make you a more savvy traveller. Remember the best business you can do is business that benefits everyone.