How busy entrepreneurs stay organized and productive

As an entrepreneur, you have an opportunity to be your own boss and pursue goals that interest you. While that can be an exciting prospect, it also means that you’ll be faced with a mountain of tasks and only a limited amount of time to get them done. 

Let’s be honest, you need all of the help you can get. These tips can help busy entrepreneurs stay productive, which leads to getting more done each day:

busy entrepreneursMake a to-do list

Each night before going to bed, make a to-do list. While paper lists are nice, try using a mobile phone app to make managing your list more efficient. When you use an app like Evernote to organize notes on-the-go, you’ll have access to your list at all times and you’ll be able to manage your tasks more efficiently.

Set aside a block of time for answering messages

If you don’t address this problem, then you’ll waste a majority of your day answering emails, text messages, and voicemails. The best thing to do is set aside one hour each afternoon to spend answering those messages. This will force you to prioritize which messages to answer first, so anything that’s left can be saved for the next day.

Outsource your busy work

As an entrepreneur, you’ll have to wear many hats. This can quickly become a bit overwhelming. Certainly, there will be some tasks that only you can perform, but other tasks should be delegated to third-party providers. For instance, it will be cheaper to outsource your cleaning needs to a janitorial service rather than hiring your own cleaning crew. Similarly, outsourcing to an accounting firm can help free up the time you would otherwise spend balancing your books. By delegating more tasks to others, you’ll be able to concentrate on tasks that will specifically help your business grow and succeed.

Prioritize your tasks

When it comes to those tasks you do have to do yourself, stop multitasking. It generally takes seven minutes to get back into a productive mindset every time you switch tasks. To avoid this lag, prioritize tasks and accomplish them one at a time. If you begin with the biggest tasks first, then you can get them out of the way by mid-afternoon when that drop-in energy usually hits. Research shows that people are most productive in the morning hours, so taking on your biggest challenges in the early hours of the day will help busy entrepreneurs get more done.

Review your goals each day

You should have both long-term and short-term goals for your business. Each day review your long-term goals to determine how much closer you are to achieving them. Next, you should outline what you can do that day to bring yourself closer to obtaining those objectives. This will help you create a list of short-term goals, which you should be able to accomplish within that day or by the end of that week. In addition to bringing you closer to achieving your long-term goals, these smaller objectives will help you feel more productive. Each short-term goal you achieve should be celebrated. These smaller victories will help you mark your progress and help you stay motivated.

As you employ some of these suggestions, you should see an improvement in your productivity. Busy entrepreneurs should also look for other ways to become more efficient in meeting your daily responsibilities. As an entrepreneur, your ability to devise new methods for achieving your goals will help you become more successful.