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A complete guide to online slots 

There is seemingly no end to online slots and there rapidly increasing popularity – in little more than a decade they have overtaken pretty much every other form of gambling to take the top spot.

And anyway, you only have to play a title for a matter of minutes to realise exactly why they are so widely played, it is just great fun – play these free spin slots online!

online slotsBut here’s the thing; just like with any other casino game, it is important you know the basics of what you are doing before you start playing for proper money. Not doing so could result in a sizeable amount of wasted cash after all. So standby for a complete guide to online slots. 

The basics of online slots

If you have ever played on physical slot machines at a casino you won’t find online slots too different as they generally work in the same way. These days 5 reels are the norm, usually with around 25 pay-lines. Symbols appear on this grid and if you get a winning combination you will get a bit of money. It really is as simple as that! 

Of course, these days there are plenty of bonus rounds to keep an eye on as well. Some slots have also started working on a cluster pay mechanism in which groups of symbols pay out, rather than pay-lines. 

Essential vocabulary playing slot games

Now, as with any other game, it is important you have a grasp of some of the essential vocabulary associated with online slots. Here is a rundown: 

  • Pay line: This is where you will make the vast majority of your wins, and refers to the different combinations of symbols that can give you a return. In the olden days slot machines only had one pay line, however in 2019 some slots can have a whooping 100 pay lines!
  • Scatter symbol: Almost every online slot will have a specific scatter symbol, and this is usually the key to some free spins.
  • Wild symbol: Again, pretty much all online slots also have a wild symbol to look out for. This can generally substitute with other icons in order to make winning combinations.

How to choose the right slot 

Something that not enough people are aware of is how to choose the right slot to actually play. You will want a game that represents are fairly good chance of a win, and RTP (Return To Player) is therefore something you will want to pay attention too. Make sure you are playing games with an RTP of over 96% and you will be alright. 

Tips & tricks 

Everybody has their own tips and tricks when it comes to ensuring you are hitting the jackpot whilst spinning the reels, but one thing that is universally agreed on is the importance of using bonus rounds to their full potential. In order to do this it pays off to play in the free mode for a little while so you can properly get to grips with things.