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How to travel the world for free

Traveling is very fascinating as you get to see the world and discover places that you may have only dreamt about.

As fascinating as is, there are several ways that you get to travel the world free. The only catch being that you need to have a passport or a travel document. Read on to find out ways that you can travel the world free.

travel world for freeWays to travel the world free

When we say travel the world, we mean ways that you see the world without any cash on you. However, if you are someone who loves shopping, you might want to carry a few extra bucks with you. Other than that, there are ways that you can travel the world and not pay a single dime.

Work for it

The first way that you can travel the world free is by you working for it. Many companies are always looking for working travellers. This may be boring because you have to work, but you will be travelling the world as you do so. Moreover, if it gets too boring, all that you have to is take a break and play a few online gambling games.


There are times when you can afford your transport fees, but when it comes to accommodation, it is a very different issue. This is where couch surfing comes in. There are various families around the world who are willing to give you their couch as a bed for a night or too. And it is free, all that you have to do is be friendly enough to hold a conversation with them.

Be a house sitter

Travelling does mean that you have to go overseas; sometimes you just need to go to a different state, city or town. There are families who when they travel and play Fantasy sports betting games, need someone to look after their house. And as a house sitter, you get to do that. The best part being that you have a whole house to yourself.

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