Can tattoos stop you from getting your dream job?

Many employers take a dim view of tattoos – so could it be a good idea to invest in laser tattoo removal?

If you have tattoos, then you may have run into some opposition in the workplace. Is this a common attitude though? Let’s look at the assumption that tattoos can stop you from getting a job a little more closely – and where to find the best laser tattoo removal London has to offer if you need it.

employee tattoosEmployers don’t like them

It has long been believed that employers react negatively to tattoos – and a recent survey backed this up. It was revealed that almost 80% of bosses would consider not hiring someone because they had a tattoo, taking into account what the role was and the kind of tattoo that the interviewee had. Just 0.31% of people said that they would be more compelled to hire someone if they did have tattoos – which shows that deep down, even though times have changed, old standards still remain in the workplace.

They make dressing difficult

Even if you do manage to get a job despite your body art, it could restrict what you wear. Most employers request that any workers with tattoos keep them covered while they are in the workplace. Now, if you get a job in the winter, wearing longer shirts to cover your sleeve tattoo may not feel so bad. Come the summer months though, you will be feeling very hot and sweaty while your colleagues are able to wear shorter sleeves. So what seemed like a dream job could soon leave you feeling very uncomfortable.

Where you have your tattoos matters

There are some tattoos that are even more of a turn-off for employers. People with face, neck or hand tattoos have much lower employability. This is because, while you can ask someone to keep an arm or a leg tattoo covered, it’s much harder to disguise body art on the face, neck or hands. So if you have a tattoo on any one of those three prominent body areas, then you are much less likely to land the job that you have been dreaming of.

Promotions could pass you by

If you do manage to get a foot in the door and get a job that you love, your tattoos could still hold you back. People with tattoos are often taken less seriously than their un-inked colleagues, and they may find themselves languishing in junior roles while their co-workers rise through the ranks. So even if your interview goes smoothly and you receive that dream job offer, your tattoos could still come back to haunt you in the future.

Getting your tattoos removed

If you are worried that your body art could prevent you from progressing in the workplace, then laser tattoo removal could be a good idea for you. By visiting Tattoo Removal Experts, you’ll be able to plan a course of treatment with leading specialists in the field. Using the latest technology, they will be able to begin removing your ink, allowing you to move forward with your career.

Make the right move for your career today

To put it bluntly, if you’re ambitious and want to get ahead in your career, then it could be a good idea have your tattoos removed. You’ll appear much more professional, and employers will only see on thing- what an amazing candidate you are!