How to start a mini golf business

We have put together this guide to help people who want to venture into the mini golf business. This article contains all the information you need to get started and help you know if it is a good business opportunity for you or not. 

A mini golf business can present its set of challenges in the development stage, and even after the mini golf course has been launched. Several factors go into starting the business. You will also learn the basics of a mini golf course including startup costs, target market, licenses and more.

mini golf businessEven though the main focus of the mini golf business is the course itself, they usually include side attractions like arcade games, food, wall climbing, and other activities. It is important to have these side attractions because it helps the business reach a wider audience.

Target market

When starting a mini golf business your focus should be the customers, who are usually the families in this case. This approach comes with many benefits that will impact your business positively. Focusing on families will provide your mini golf business with long-term clients as children who have memorable experiences will want to come back as they get older and will eventually bring their kids. If you are based in the UK, you will have to focus on the location too: London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow are some of the largest cities to begin with.

Starting a mini golf business

Create a business plan

This should be the first step to take before doing anything else. A business plan helps to give a clear vision of your project and the goals of the business idea. The plan should help you understand your target market, expenses, and the entire running of the business.

Register your business

Like any business, you need to register your mini golf business to operate legally. This will protect you from being shut down. This should be one of the first steps to take when setting up your mini golf business. You could also gain extra revenue by advertising your business as part of a golf holidays package catering for families.

Tax registration

Make sure to register with the tax agencies at both state and federal level.

Create a business account

You should never use your personal account as your business account. Create a dedicated cheque account for your miniature golf business to keep your finances/books organized; this is a standard that all businesses must follow.

Keep records

Record every expense and source of revenue to monitor your cash flow and have a clear understanding of the mini golf business’s financial performance. This will also help you file your taxes more easily.

Get all the necessary licences and permits

You need to obtain licences and permits before you launch your miniature golf business. Go to the agencies and bodies that are responsible for these to avoid fines and the risk of shutting down your business.


Every business should get insurance. Subscribing to the right insurance will protect you from disasters that might affect your business.

Create a brand identity

Your brand is basically what your miniature golf business stands for, and how it is perceived by the public. Strong brand identity will help your business stand out from your competitors.

Create a strong web presence

Your mini golf business should have a fully functioning website. A website will give your customer access to information about your business and to learn about what your business offers. Having a fantastic web design will help you sell your business as a top mini golf business like Plonk Golf.