Running a construction site as part of your business

Starting a business may have just been dreamt out of an idea that you had one fateful Tuesday afternoon when you weren’t expecting it. It can consume you until you take that leap of faith to create something from nothing.

It may start at home, but for some businesses, depending on the trade and industry, it may get a whole lot bigger. To the point where you are running a construction site, either as your business, or part of your business development.

running a construction siteSo are there things you need to think about? Here are some examples to help.   

Keep the site clean and tidy

One of the first things that you musty do would be to ensure that the site is kept clean and tidy. On a construction site, you may think this could be quite difficult, but it is an essential element of ensuring that you keep up with health and safety procedures and you also take into account the welfare of your staff on site. You can do this by project managing when people are working and when they aren’t. Knowing what tools and machinery are being used and when. 

Make provisions for the general public

Most construction sites take place in public areas, and so you will also need to have regard and consideration for the general public as works are underway. This is when things like construction site safety signs can work well. This can not only help workers on the site no where and what access they have, but also warns the general public of the are as well. Signs can also help guide the general public around so that they don’t get into any accidents. Which could cause havoc for you from a legal point of view. If your site is near the road or highway you can consider placing plastic crash barriers that will fully protect your workers.

Consider the welfare of the workers and tradesman 

You also have a huge responsibility for the welfare of the workers and trade and onsite. As a project manager, or even just the business own funding the project, these are the people that are on site day in day out constructing the building, doing the work, and also, in some cases, putting themselves at risk due to heights, for example. A thorough health and safety policy that is regularly risk assessed can help you to ensure the welfare of workers and tradesmen in the field. 

Having appropriate facilities for your workers can enhance their working conditions even if this means investing in some temporary structures to allow them to have somewhere to take a break for example. Clean running water, seats, site toilet hire and dinnerware can all be beneficial to your workers to allow them a place to have a proper break and rest during their shift or for lunch breaks. Providing a working environment that accounts for the safety and general health and wellbeing of all workers goes a long way to ensuring your workers feel safe coming to work and valued during their working day too.

Ensure you don’t overload the construction site

Finally, it can be very tempting to want to finish a project ahead of schedule, and this can mean there is a need to want to get things done quickly and to multitask. But a construction area can be a very dangerous area to be, with machines, tools and also potentially toxic substances in some cases. Don’t overload the site and stick with a plan that works well for you and keeps you on schedule. There will be times where things don’t go to plan, but you can always make up for it by changing the schedule accordingly

Let’s hope these tips help you when it comes to running a construction site.