Top 20 startup businesses in Greece

There have recently been several competitions organized with the aim of actively contribute to the development, upgrading and promotion of startups in Greece.

There are at least 20 startups in Greece that have stood out among these competitions, gaining business know-how through hands-on guidance and specialized workshops on business skills. While exploring collaborations for their subsequent development course in the international market.Greece startups

These 20 Greek startups that emerged through are the following:

Active Social Networking (ASN)

ASN’s ISTMOS solution is a control and alert system, which ensures the quality of bottled wine when moving and storing it to the consumer through continuous monitoring of storage conditions. The rules, especially for environmental parameters, are expertly formulated and continually improved by the use of big data analytics, sampling and feedback from consumers. The ISTMOS system protects the winery’s brand name, provides reliable traceability and is a valuable marketing tool.

Lithos Digital

Lithos Digital is a digital marketing company based in Greece with clients from all over Europe. They specialize in SEO, PPC, web development, social media promotions and more. The company is still in its beginning stages but already helping out small and big business increase and reinforce their online presence.

CityCrop Automated Indoor Farming

The CityCrop is a smart indoor garden that fits into any home or business environment and allows you to grow your own fresh and pesticide free vegetables all year round due to the micro climate. The micro-climate creates the ideal conditions for your plants. The CityCrop is based on the hydroponics method and enables the user to grow 3 times faster, using 60% less fertilizer and up to 98% less water than he would use in a conventional crop. And all this, exclusively through its mobile application! Using state-of-the-art technology, the device simplifies the cultivation process to such an extent that it is easy for even a child to produce his or her own crop without any agricultural knowledge. The mobile application provides: a) crop simplification, b) complete control over all stages of production, while c) providing a complete user experience from sowing to consumption.

Oikonomakis Christos Global Law Firm

Oikonomakis Christos Global Law Firm is a ground-breaking team of lawyers offering their legal services with offices all over Europe. They specialize in business law and as such are the go to team for new businesses looking to setup. If you or your company are in need of legal advice and counselling, Oikonomakis Law is who you should turn to.

Cube RM

Cube RM develops SaaS software platform for Revenue Management & Optimization based on advanced predictive analytics methods and is aimed at large companies mainly overseas, focusing on the areas of Life Sciences, Consumer Products (FMCG) and Hi-Tech. The platform helps businesses create an optimized pricing strategy and implementation of pricing policies and marketing actions, with the goal of significantly increasing their revenue and earning thousands of productive hours of work each year.

Wine Outlet

When it comes to the distribution of wine in Greece, Wine Outlet has proven to be one of the best. This startup has a great eshop with a wide range of wines to pick from. The page is filled with useful and interesting information about an incredibly large number of wines. This makes it easier to customers to find exactly what they want. They can sort wines based on varieties and such.

Entranet Inc

Entranet has created an economical smart home system, which is the easiest solution for the global home automation market. It’s a smart home in a package! It can be installed, adjusted and upgraded with great ease. It is a complete package, consisting of various devices (switches, thermostats, cameras, etc.) configured to communicate with each other to operate immediately after installation. The home is controlled by voice commands. This smart home control system does not require any knowledge or skills in new technologies and can therefore be used by all age groups of consumers.

Greek TravelTellers

One of the biggest industries of Greece is that of tourism. Especially in summer millions of people visit Greece to enjoy the summer time of their lives and get to know one of the most historically rich countries in the world. Such people often look for personalized and unique experience aching to those had by locals. This is where Greek TravelTellers comes into the picture. They organize custom and personalised tours for travellers looking to have an authentic walk through Athens. Their meticulousness sets them apart from competition and they owe their success to it.

Exclusivi Ltd.

Exclusivi helps hotels increase their turnover with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Exclusivi breaks the silos in the tourism value chain: connecting discrete systems, creating new business models and offering 1:1 guest analytics, helping the whole ecosystem function more efficiently. The secret recipe: They combine data collected on the basis of demographics of the reservation system, on the basis of visitor personality characteristics through simple quiz, on the basis of data derived from mobile phone sensors, etc., thus gathering important information about the visitors’ vacations. Featuring original content and advanced Artificial Intelligence tools, Exclusivi’s mobile, TV, wifi portals and digital signage applications provide targeted suggestions.

Kalidoni Travel

Kalidoni Travel is a family owned travel agency that plans and carries out excursions all over Greece and even to neighbouring countries. Their excursions are mostly all inclusive which means customer can just allow themselves to be taken and enjoy an incredible journey through the most naturally beautiful places in Greece.

Fresh Strips

Fresh Strips are self-adhesive, plastic wrap labels for food. We stick the Fresh Strips on the outside of the food packaging. When exposed to high enough temperatures to cause the food to spoil, the colour of the stickers changes from green to red. Thus, we ensure the safety of the food the consumer buys. In particular, we ensure that the food is not altered during transport from production to consumption.

4Tec Security

4Tec Security is company specializing in installing security systems and alarms in homes. If you’ve ever been robbed in your own house you must be familiar with how horrible it feels. The alarms and systems such as Pandora provided by 4Tec Security aim to make you feel more secure than ever in your home.


OpenIchnos is an energy-efficient, self-contained positioning device with global coverage and simultaneous emergency service. OpenIchnos faces the challenges of renting a boat with a device and a Cloud service! They made a device that:

  • Has very low power consumption
  • It is equipped with a non-toxic battery and a very small photovoltaic panel

This way, OpenIchnos can run for 60 days without sun and can charge up to 3 days of sunshine.


Providing services for both individuals and big companies, Texnikoi24-7 are the tech support people in Greece turn to once their encounter problems with their computer or other appliances. They boast for keeping their services available at all times, thus the name 24-7, making them the go to tech support company when your pc stops working in the middle of the night.


SentiGeek is a high-tech company providing automated data analytics services in a way that results are useful strategic development information for businesses and organizations. The advanced algorithms we have developed utilize artificial intelligence technologies, linguistic technologies and linguistic / cognitive theories to categorize and analyze in-depth online customer feedback (product reviews / customer reviews) or emailed feedback to or recording phone calls etc.

Benefits that a business or organization has gained from using SentiGeek’s services include, among others, reducing customer complaints, increasing customer satisfaction and participation, reducing customer loss, enhancing customer loyalty to brand and business products, improved call centre performance, cost savings, etc. is a startup in Greece consisting of professional technician that perform visits at home to check and fix electrical and other appliances. They are one of the startups in Greece with the most potential, because they have innovated in their field by collecting all sorts of professional technicians from electricians to plumbers and all masters in their profession.


Three years ago the stagnation, unreliability and opaque procedures of the used car market made a big impression. Innovative ideas changed habits but in order to buy a car you had to follow exactly the same steps as you did decades ago! Spotawheel’s offer is a service that one could easily, with minimal travel and stress, choose a car reliably and buy it safely. The solution was a technologically modelled process that would provide the user with a detailed presentation of each car, lots of information, pricing transparency and new features such as a test drive on their door, ordering a workshop at their choice and of course purely online purchase!

Focus Greece

Focus Greece is yet another travel related company aiming to bring to light how amazing Greece is and at the same time provide information on the very best hotels, locations, tours, activities and plans in the country.


Tesibit delivers strong performance improvements on large-scale systems. Tesibit’s groundbreaking platform is based on Machine Learning and Advanced Control System technologies, achieving continuous control of work and evaluation of real-time operating system productivity. The web provides increased system performance, high precision and unique operating autonomy for its operators.


Waistliners is a startup that sews and creates tailor made clothes of all time, focusing on dresses, skirts and more. Nowadays everything is either mass produces of machine made, so when you see a handmade piece of cloth you easily notice the different in quality. Waistliners brings such authentic pieces closer to its customers with its online shop.