10 of the best recent podcasts for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs need to keep their fingers on the pulse, which means following trends and catching what’s hot. That includes staying up-to-date, following the news, and keeping an ear to the ground, always keeping track of innovations.

Once of the best ways of doing this is following the trend of podcasts, which have become true golden nuggets of information. Not only are they valuable in terms of education, they can be accessed easily and on-the-go, which is a further attraction.

podcasts for entrepreneursPodcasts are serving up information in every field imaginable, and in the realms of entrepreneurial business, this is especially true. Recently there have been a number of insightful releases which every self-respecting entrepreneurs should try to make time to access. Here are ten of the very best recent examples:

The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss is a legend in business circles due to his incredibly insightful, and popular, book The 4-Hour Workweek, which was instrumental in changing the way entrepreneurs and other business professionals viewed their productivity as well as how they spent their time. Now Tim is the presenter of his own popular podcast show which sees him chat with an eclectic set of guests who impart their own knowledge and idiosyncrasies related to every aspect of business and high performance. It’s not restricted to business either as the types of strategies discussed here transcend any one field. Delivered in an informal, engaging style that readers of Ferriss’ books will be familiar with, this is an informative and enjoyable series that won’t fail to give you something new and fresh that you can implement in your work strategies.

The GaryVee Audio Experience

Gary Vaynerchuk, is well known in entrepreneurial circles as a media magnate and passionate advocate for all things innovative in the business sphere, and can now claim to be on of the most listened to presenters on iTunes with his series of engaging podcasts which cast a look at a number of different aspects to the modern business world. This series is motivational and informative at the same time, with Vaynerchuk’s trademark no-nonsense style the key theme.

Millionaire Mindcast

Aspiring (or established) entrepreneurial millionaires will be attracted to this series of podcasts which taps into the psyche of successful business people with the assistance of thought leaders to see how success really is a state of mind. Financial success really is the name of the game as real estate mogul Mat Aitchison leads you on a journey which will change the way you think as well as entertain at every step.

She Did It Her Way

Consultant and regular keynote speaker Amanda Boleyn hosts this series of podcasts aimed at, although not exclusively for, female entrepreneurs, with a focus on establishing your own business and how to grow it within today’s challenging environment. This really is an invaluable series when it comes to understanding what it takes to succeed with your own business, especially with a unique female entrepreneur focus that even men will learn something from. Often the series delves into the mindset that is necessary to be established is success is to be achieved, and business psychology is delved into regularly, alongside more practical tips and insights.

Product Hunt Radio

This immensely popular series of podcasts is aimed at those in the tech industry who are seeking to exploit this ever-growing marketplace. Co-hosts Ryan Hoover and Abadesi Osunsade have delivered more than 150 episodes (to date) of insightful chats with startup founders, tech investors, journalists and rend-observers to discover what is shaping this innovative field and what the future holds in store.

“Each episode also includes a look at new products in the world of tech, from apps to software, hardware to websites, which are released at an eye-watering rate and can be almost impossible to stay on trend with. That’s just one of the many benefits of this entertaining series which will help you unearth the tech that speaks to you,” says Gerry Sawyer, an entrepreneur at ResearchPapersUK and DraftBeyond.

Gimlet Startup

This series, as the name would suggest, is aimed at those budding entrepreneurs who wish to establish their own startup, but need practical advice before they do so. Or it may be that you are in the early stages of your startup and could benefit from listening to the tales of others who have trodden the path before you. Hosts Alex Blumberg and Lisa Chow, in more than 130 episodes and counting, delve deep into the startup sphere and chat with founders from any field imaginable in order to get those insights and practical tips which are sorely needed in those early days of a business. Discussing successes and failures, this series will help you establish and scale up your business.

Noah Kagan Presents

This enjoyable series of podcasts (with more than 70 episodes and counting) is delivered by the likeable Noah Kagan, who challenges top performers across industries to impart the knowledge which can assist others in achieving any number of goals, from striking that correct work/life balance and making your life more interesting, to securing financial success through online activities, and scaling up your startup. The podcasts series uses a number of different formats such as articles and videos to build the theme each episode and examines every aspect of entrepreneurial business as well as issues of lifestyle which accompany this unique way of making a living. Growth strategies and marketing insights are just two great examples of topics covered by Kagan in this mist-listen-to series.

Marketing School with Neil Patel and Eric Siu

Marketing School – Digital Marketing and Online Marketing Tips is the full name of this popular series of podcasts which includes an incredible number of episodes (nearly 1000 at last check). Hosted by the well-known Neil Patel and Eric Siu, two behemoths of the digital marketing age, this series focusses on the incredibly competitive and innovative world of online marketing and seeks to assist whether you are a new startup or established SME with an eye on making digital marketing improvements by evolving your strategy.

Every day brings new insights and practical tips which wok ac actionable insights into how to grow your business with a digital marketing approach. These insights include all the major buzzwords such as content marketing, SEO, social media marketing, paid advertising, the sales funnel process, bounce rates, conversion optimization, marketing automation, innovative content and more. The breadth and depth of the hosts’ knowledge is astounding and you really get the chance to see what has made Patel and Lie such innovators in their realm of expertise, and will be inspired to generate the same success in your undertakings. A highly recommended series of podcasts for any business professional.

Indie Hackers

Hosted by Courtland Allen, the focus of this series is building, marketing and growing online activates so they become established and profitable businesses. Episodes features interviews with a large array on business founders ranging from tiny startups to well-established businesses and even those who perform just a few hours on an activity every week to supplement their income to see how success, whatever it looks like for you, can be achieved through online activities.

“It doesn’t matter what your angle is as this series has something for everybody, and its educational in the extreme as you will learn the basics when it comes to idea creation, testing the market to see if there is a place for your product or service,  how to market in the early days to get an online presence, and then how to eventually scale up so you can become financially independent. With more than 85 episodes to tune into, there is a lot of practical advice to enact in order to become a successful online entrepreneur,” recommends Holly Grogan, a podcast writer at Writinity and LastMinuteWriting.

TEDTalks Business

TEDTalks needs little introduction with its brand and approach well-established online, mostly through videos and interactive education series. Accompanying these better-known channels is the TED podcasts series, which in this case covers the world of business. As is the way with TED, the theme is pretty loose with episodes covering an eclectic angle of business-related subjects from an eclectic array of speakers who each have their own expertise. Some episodes may be more relevant to your interests than others but taken as a whole this is an entertaining and though-provoking series which is sure to touch upon your niche somewhere along the line in TED’s textbook manner.

In summary

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to exploring the podcast library on the subject of entrepreneurial business, but gives a great overview of what is available on the genre. Many of the series offer bitesize versions which enable you to browse subjects in order to find those which are really relevant to your needs any interests, and of course speak with friends and colleagues to get recommendations. The world of the podcast is truly eclectic, insightful and entertaining realm.

Harry Conley is an editor at LuckyAssignments as well as GumEssays. He has a wealth of expertise in the fields of training development and workflow management, and seeks to provide writers with supplemental or support instruction where possible.