How to improve traffic to your event website

Event planning is a lucrative business that is proving to be an untapped gem in the current business market. Starting and running a successful event business is, however, not easy. You need to come up with the right marketing tactics to be ahead of your competitors.

One of the must-have marketing tools is a good website. A well-designed and optimized website helps you showcase your work, provide contact details and explain the kind of services you offer. It also gives visitors a hint of what you are capable of delivering. But how can you optimize your event website to attract more traffic?

event websiteHere is how you can do it.

Be up-to-date with the most recent SEO rules

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a dynamic field that changes by the day. If you’re still using obsolete optimization techniques, then you might be missing out on a lot of things. For instance, Google no longer depends on keywords when ranking websites. It now uses a system known as RankBrain, which is responsible for sorting search results.

This system checks the amount of time a website visitor spends (Dwell Time) and the number of people who click on your page (Click Through Rate). It works on the assumption that if a person spends much time on a page, there are high chances they like the content. That’s why you should focus on posting high-quality content on your event website.

List your services in top event planning directories

If you are looking to land more clients, then you need to sell your brand by getting listed on the most recognized websites. For instance, if you are offering a wedding venue for hire in New Zealand, you can list your business under wedding venues in NZ. Since Event Planner is a recognized website for venues and event services, it will be easy for interested clients to visit your website.

Leverage social media advertising

You can’t talk about digital marketing and rule out the essence of social media. Most people use social media for entertainment, education, and shopping. You can make the best of this avenue by creating social media pages that are intended to market your services and also link back to your website.

When making social media posts, ensure there is some information hyperlinked to your main website. This will enable more people to click on your site to get more details about what you are advertising. Whether you are posting on twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any other site, make sure your posts are straightforward and entertaining. Don’t post blocks of texts because very few people will be willing to spend time reading them.

Push event registrations through your website

If there are upcoming gigs or events you are organizing, try to create a registration platform on your website. Encourage potential participants to use the online platform to book their places. For instance, if it’s a concert, look for a way such as offering a small discount for people who register online. This will encourage people to click on other services and products you’ve posted on your website. It might also attract regular visitors to your website.

Ensure your website is responsive

Most people are now using mobile devices to access online information. This means your event website needs to look great even on mobile devices. Use the right software and hosting to ensure good speeds on mobile gadgets and PCs.

Bottom line

A good website is a vital marketing tool for any event business. Focus on optimizing your website to build traffic and attract more clients to your event business.